“Don’t write down you passwords” my ass, I have like 1000 of them and they’re scattered all over my desk and under folders and coffee cups, you want to hack this bitch??? It’s gonna be like a game of fucking MYST

@RobinHood well that'll make it easier!

Cuz only three or four will end up being clickable and one of THOSE will eventually let me in.

@RobinHood Now, if you scattered your logins all around an island, THEN i'll be in trouble.


@clarjon1 @RobinHood Its better to use a password manager to store all your passwords in an encrypted database... and then tar it into small files, separate them onto a hundred thumbdrives, and scatter those all around the island.

I'd recommend keepass, gnu tar, and a wrist rocket.

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@unlofl @RobinHood

$ tail ~/walkthroughs/RobinHoodMyst.txt

be found in the nook between the waterfall with the red wiring and the little rock needing the left-curled wire to scrape it loose.


Now that you have assembled all the USB drives, head back into the computer we started the game at. Insert the drives into the computer (drag and drop, they auto group so it's just one drag) and then flip over the keyboard and type in the RNG letters found on it to win!

@clarjon1 @unlofl @RobinHood speedrun strat: manually type in the binary code for the password manager. Don't forget to grab the page on the way over though

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