For randos on the fediverse you might follow, but don't really know well, whats a comfortable post volume of public/listed toots before you consider unfollowing?

Curious how people feel about this since we don't have "the algorithm" filtering/limiting things for us.

Other feedback welcome. I'm also curious how many people use lists to see everything from a small group while letting home feeds overflow, or other strategies used.

Boosts good if you think this is worth discussing?

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@unlofl I don't really have a system. Some people hardly post and another posts like 100 times a day or more.

@gudenau Yeah, it seems like one of the basic conflicts is between "important low volume accounts" and "I want more memes and cat pictures on demand." I think this affects every social media platform, and none of them have a really good solution.

On mastodon, I'm not sure if using lists, or multiple accounts is a better solution. Kind of wish there was a UI that listed accounts, with # of toots in X timespan/unread next to it, to spot quieter people you did intend to listen to.

@gudenau Yeah... I kinda like it as a metric, but whole new can of worms, and it wouldn't fit the main "timeline UX" anyway. I definitely don't want to be "marking toots as read" or using it on a per-toot basis at all.

@unlofl a big issue is for me are boosts. Some ppl I start to follow are very interesting, and they post to an acceptable level, the ruin it by boosting 100 things a day I don't care for.

Too much uspol also gets me hovering over that unfollow button

@category For uspol specifically, is that something where you like it CWed, or just want it out of your feed completely?

I've debated setting up an alt for that. I mostly come to mastodon for not-terrible things, but occasionally seeing the fedi's take on politics also helps me feel a little more sane and I appreciate the ridiculous/surreal humor sometimes.

@unlofl CW'd is usually okay. As a non-American, a lot of it is just of no interest to me, and related news is so prolific I feel more than informed already!

@category As an American... you looking for a roommate? Cats like me, but I'm a vim user?

@unlofl my cat loves everyone, but youd be required to switch to Emacs. But I'd allow you to setup vim keybinds, as I am a gracious landlord

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