Private Internet Access doesn't seem to understand the problem with . I'm gonna and get a new VPN provider.

@unlofl "share ideas without fear of persecution" is a giant euphemism for a site where a member "shared ideas without fear of persecution" enough until he shot up the Pittsburgh synagogue, killing 11, and making it the deadliest single instance of anti-Semitic violence ever in US history.


in general, don't pay for a VPN service, get the cheapest cloud hosting you can and run

@unlofl PIA has yet to respond to the PGP'ed ticket I submitted 4 days ago, and the email embedded in their PGP key has been disabled by Google :c

Trying to debug why certain apps don't work for a client that uses PIA, if you have any recommendations besides PIA that are somewhat normie friendly, I'd appreciate it!

@unlofl "but when it comes to freedom, we ultimately can't be the judge or jury for what is right or wrong to say"

by allowing people to say whatever they want to, you're passively saying that you support whatever they're saying. if you don't support it, you would actually do something about it.

it's called democracy, where YOU can be the judge or jury. ANYONE can in fact.

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