Private Internet Access is now on the "affiliate partners" page. I'm a customer, so I've opened a ticket asking them to disassociate and

Can anybody here recommend another VPN provider with straight openvpn support and some way of handling inbound connection attempts?

@unlofl I've just recommended (that I use) to someone the other day.
I recommend it first because I use them and they're just fire and forget, and second, I recommend them over Nord VPN because they're (supposedly) better at not keeping logs around for any purposes. At least in TOS :)

@unlofl definitely let us know if they reply.... @protonvpn is another non-sell out option....

@unlofl That's extremely disappointing. I'm a fellow customer, so I will be interested to see how they respond there.

I've had friends recommend Mullvad, but I don't know about their technical capabilities myself. I know they do OpenVPN.

@sporiff you can open a ticket too! Best outcome here is they feel the pressure, gab gets the boot yet again, and none of us have to update configs or billing!

@unlofl do you have a link to the affiliates page? I can't see where they're associated :(

mullvad has been decent for me, and payment/id is fully anonymous.

@unlofl is a good option.They don't require any private information for registering and they don't embed any third-party shit in their website.Looks like they know what they're doing but in fact you can never look behind the scenes and know what your VPN is really doing.

@kmckaig @unlofl Thank you for recommending us! We really appreciate your support.

I've really enjoyed windscribe.
you can get an OpenVPN config for them here:
They have some interesting features for inbound connections, including grabbing static IPs if you want them.

@unlofl mullvad has openvpn and let's you forward inbound ports

@tercean boom, on the short list! If they've got docs it's a no-brainer, pia made me crawl through GitHub and mailing lists to find info on their api

@unlofl not sure if there's an API for ports, you can add them through the Web though

@unlofl I am not sure entirely, but have you checked out Mullvad? Does it fit what you want?

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