If we disagree with each other, it doesn't mean either of us is hateful or phobic. It just means that we each have our own opinion. Remember when that used to be OK?

People would discuss topics in a civil manner. The ACLU would defend the indefensible. No one would assault someone for something they said or thought.

If all the people in my circles thought the same as I do, this would be one very tedious and trying existence. I'm not exactly my biggest fan. But I like to think that I have some good traits.

@groundh0g yeah, but now I run into people arguing that some of my friends should be killed. Fuck those guys, being civil all the time would mean compromising my morals.

@unlofl You sound like my best friend. He's a vocal supporter of antifa. My opinion on that is a little different. I'll risk life and limb to protect family and friends from harm, but not from speech.

(Arguing that some of them should be killed.) If they attack or incite others to, I'm with ya.

@groundh0g that's our main disagreement here then. If someone goes around saying a specific group is "the problem" and we need to "defend ourselves from them", I consider that incitement.

@unlofl Then I fear our civil society is nearing its end. I hope the next experiment goes as well as this has.

Maybe we'll get to the "all men [and woman] are created equal" part a little faster this time.


@groundh0g civil society can't say civil unless it casts some people out for breaking the rules.

@groundh0g Nazis, I'm specifically saying fuck the Nazis, kill them if you have to. They are a threat to my friends and my community.

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