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programmer: *thinks for several minutes*
programmer: *makes decision*
programmer: Yep, I'm going to hate myself in six months when I come back to this.

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In an effort to bring peace to the fediverse, I'd just like to say that I prefer vim, even though I've never learned emacs.

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updated: during the demo they threw rocks at the glass to prove it was unbreakable. it broke anyway. I'm not making this up

.social shitposters out there introducing the normies to mastodon

valorizing and fetishizing the military as a unifying social force is literally fascist

the US military is an almost purely evil force and any good that it does could easily be subsumed by literally any other kind of structure that doesnt also indiscriminately murder people

Periodic reminder that I solemnly pledge, on my honor as a mad scientist, to never allow my mecha to be used by the police or military. ACAB.

TIL that pirates believed in free community education and the public domain of knowledge...

So the etymology of online piracy does actually have some accuracy to it... huh

I know we might lose followers for this but TRANS RIGHTS NOW

There are only three different type of conflict in literature

Man vs man
Man vs nature
and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids


Your daily reminder that Tom Morello fucking whips

i can crack the correcthorsebatterystaple password in milliseconds by trying it before anything else

My thought process whenever I see four images arranged 2Γ—2:

1. Is this loss?
2. Is this a political compass?
The proposed solutions focus on removing weaker players from the ecosystem and undermining the hate clusters from within. Johnson and his team suggest that, rather than attacking a highly vocal and powerful player, social media platforms remove smaller clusters and randomly remove individual members. Removing just 10% of members from a hate cluster would cause it to begin to collapse.

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