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I couldn't afford cloud storage, so I just posted a torrent of all my own files, encrypted, titled "biden_whistleblower_corruption_awakening_wwg1wga_deadmanswitch" and all the Qs are keeping it seeded for me.

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Mastodon has two main buttons or actions to quickly respond to toots, the "I'm glad you posted this" button and the "I wish I posted this" button.

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pol thoughts 

thankfully, fascists fear death. this is crucial to opposing them.

the book Negroes With Guns asserts, in the telling of a self-defense force in the deep south, that racists revel in violence up until they risk being harmed. they rely on your pacifism and it goads them on. but when you put a gun in their face, everything changes.

pol thoughts 

one of the crucial differences between the leftist — the anarchist, the socialist, the communist — and the fascist is the role of rhetoric: the leftist honors the power of words and allows them to be persuasive, while the fascist uses them incoherently as a blunt instrument because rhetoric isn’t real power, just a cover story. but rhetoric can influence our internal reasoning and shape the values we choose to embody. there is a reason communist regimes prize literacy.

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After being told our system is pretty good actually, once you become middle class:

*looks at my GrubHub delivery sitting on top of financial paperwork*
"Yeah, still want to burn it down"

Starting to think that maybe groups organized and centered around corporate social media platforms are just spectacle meant to enrich the media giant's profits off the unpaid labor of community influencers and moderators. Maybe, just maybe, these platforms are not the bastions of progress we were promised, and instead what we see is a mass audience instead of a huge platform for organizing anything of substance.

Ich hab jetzt ein Klemmbsusteinmodell der Raumstation Deep Space Nine aus der gleichnamigen Star Trek Serie! 🥰

"It's easy to be saint in paradise,[...]" - Sisko


WSJ says there are sexy MILFs in their comment section...

britain continues to slowly collapse in the funniest possible way

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French Duolingo be like, "I am carrying a baguette. my bicycle is broken. The man is very attractive. I am eating wine and cheese. Do you want to come home with me?"

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Russian Duolingo be like "The child does not have a mother. There is a bear in the park. The workers do not own the factory. Alexej drinks too much."

cat: writes a cat to STDOUT, it will typically start batting your terminal cursor around until you end the session.

Guard 1: Halt traveler! You must answer our riddle!
Guard 2: Here we go again...
Guard 1: One of us only tells the truth, and the other only tells LIES!
Guard 2: Jesus christ, I said I was sorry!

Hello! What is your favorite superhero?

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