My current twitch ad experience:
- Load stream: Ad won't load stream is permanently muted.

- Refresh: Ad now plays. When it finishes audio crackles on stream.

- Refresh: Pray it will not show another ad. If I'm lucky the stream now loads.

What is QA?

*Tell Android to reboot for updates after 1 AM*
It proceeds to reboot at 8 AM when I want to use it.
Technically correct but not what I expected.

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The distance between UI elements on the left side of the screen and UI elements on the right side of the screen is the distance my grandpa claimed he had to walk to school

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Corona tracing app is being released in time for holidays. Someone asked Telekom it will work abroad. The answer: nope 🤔 why is property software made in Germany always a nightmare

Hello it is me I apparently don't know how to do basic math. Spent an hour debugging 🙃

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The Adventures of Asterix has been translated into more languages than the Qu’ran.

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First hardware test: Everything but my rendering code (Not surprised) works fine on an actual n64 :D

In other news I hopefully will be getting a PinePhone soon. Sadly shipping to Germany was delayed, but that's ok.

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What happens sooner:

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Hmm, I guess it’s true that an Ethernet cable might improve your WiFi speeds

Job hunting: Finding entry level work is damn hard man. Good thing I still have a year.

I keep forgetting how awful birdsite is if tweetdeck is down.

I also verified at least all files are present and have the correct size using a small script.

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Ok it only took 25 days, but I finally moved 500gb from dropbox to my new nextcloud host :D

At least my applications are getting me invited to interviews :D

Hoping to get it stable in time for the pinephone. The main goal was to have a working way of keeping notes and todos on all the platforms I use without relying on google.

Screw desktop. 2020 is the year of the Linux Phone.

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