Hello it is me I apparently don't know how to do basic math. Spent an hour debugging 🙃

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The Adventures of Asterix has been translated into more languages than the Qu’ran.

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VAC: runs on server side
VAC: Has no kernel level bullshit
VAC: Not always ideal, but actually works

Other anti-cheats: "Wh wh wh wh wh whell whe needh all the access........."

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Note to self: Don't let the server's disk space run out 🙃

First hardware test: Everything but my rendering code (Not surprised) works fine on an actual n64 :D

In other news I hopefully will be getting a PinePhone soon. Sadly shipping to Germany was delayed, but that's ok.

Considering the state of n64 emulation I would be surprised if my graphics drawing code actually did work first try.

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I just ordered an EverDrive 64 so I can finally test my glover stuff on real hardware. Can't wait for nothing to work.

I successfully wrote to Glover's framebuffer from my newly injected C code. Totally was worth the effort.

The result of last nights madness: I'm now compiling my own configuration of gcc. Someone send help.

Tried all day to get gcc for mips to compile and link a flat binary. Of course nothing works.

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chat systems 

Imagine if chatting was supported by community projects running a network of infrastructure using open protocols instead of by a company burning venture capital
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My processor cores have unionized and are demanding to ban me from multithreading

Reminder to never respond to anything remotely controversial on birdsite. It's like you always end up arguing on the worst possible platform for coherent arguments.

It's been a while since I talked about my first project. It's going pretty well I got basic AI working. Originally it was supposed to be a puzzle game with a nap editor but over time it turned more into a dungeon crawler which is fine with me.

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