Job hunting: Finding entry level work is damn hard man. Good thing I still have a year.

I keep forgetting how awful birdsite is if tweetdeck is down.

Now that that is out of the way I can finally start working on a GTK UI from IRLRPG in addition to the web fronted.

I also verified at least all files are present and have the correct size using a small script.

Ok it only took 25 days, but I finally moved 500gb from dropbox to my new nextcloud host :D

At least my applications are getting me invited to interviews :D

Of course the web UI is more or less stable already, but I don't really want to just use electron and call it a day...

Hoping to get it stable in time for the pinephone. The main goal was to have a working way of keeping notes and todos on all the platforms I use without relying on google.

I've been working on a web-based note taking app to (server + pwa). The UI is coming along nicely and I kinda want to build a GTK based native client next.

Screw desktop. 2020 is the year of the Linux Phone.

Just had a job interview and now I'm writing unit tests. Life is good 🙃

The good news is though I'm still on time to actually release something (at least as an early beta).

Been sick for a week and hardly got any code written D:

Finally decided to get myself a nextcloud instance. Moving all my stuff away from dropbox will take a while though D:

I sure love when you're about to push something to prod and then there's routing issues.

You know what's fun on a Monday morning? Upgrading to a new major version of a library you use and watching the world burn.

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"There are only two hard problems in computer science: naming, cache-invalidation, and off-by-one errors. Deadnaming is all three of these."

(Source: Apocryphal, seen on work chat)

Just found out my xsession error log has a file size of almost 5 GB. It's all just polybar spamming 🙃

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