> I usually prefer to read articles on their original websites – partly so that they don’t all blend together like Medium sludge, and partly because syndicated content has an uncomfortably high probability of losing formatting and even chunks of text.



I mean, I don’t necessarily agree, but an interesting take on feed (or social) readers nonetheless.


Quick sidenote: one could totally use Microsub channels to do this, too (and get rid of the unread items badge on a per-channel basis). I use a select Microsub channel and Nitter’s RSS feeds to keep track of _very few_ Twitter accounts, and purposely keep them out of my unread items list.

> Fraidycat provides a way for you to prioritise content and shape your reading habits.



@jan oh interesting, we were actually talking about the finer details of microsub, websub, and micropub in yesterday’s Homebrew club. I kept conflating the three.

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@universal_traveler (I should probably add that it's possible to use categories in most RSS readers to accomplish something very similar.) Yeah, Micropub rocks for quickly posting (to a variety of CMSes!) from your phone, and having your server automatically add the necessary markup. I've always considered Micro_sub_ "nice to have" more than anything, and a sort of RSS++, with advanced h-card/microformats support. (I maintain my own forks of Aperture and Monocle that I love to tinker with, tho.)

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