I’m in the process of deciding which self-hosted platform I want to use for personal knowledge management. Anybody here have experience with one that you enjoyed?

So far I’ve researched TiddlyWiki, Oddmuse, BookStack, Wiki.js, MediaWiki, DokuWiki, WikkaWiki, and Matterwiki, so let me know if you have experience with any of these!

@universal_traveler i have used wikkawiki for some years as my main interface. Now i use pages on a personal local wordpress instance. But also Evernote and 20yrs ago Brain.

@ton for your WikkaWikki instance, is/was it also kept local-only like your current WP setup, or was it public-facing?

@universal_traveler I did both. I had a wikkawikki as main desktop interface running on a local webserver on my laptop, and a public instance alongside my blog. Earlier this week by coincidence I wrote about it zylstra.org/blog/2020/04/on-wi


@ton what a small world, I was actually at that IndieWeb meetup about wikis & blogs last week (I’m Hibs), it’s what sparked my current renewed interest in wikis!

One of the things I noticed you mention a few times in your post is the idea of combining bookmarking and wikis, which is the train of thought I’m now exploring, along with the idea of visualizing the relationships between wiki nodes (what you called a constellation). I’m trying to decide what that would look like for me.

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@universal_traveler Cool! Your remark in that session about 'published' vs 'last edited' dates, made something click for me, e.g. as a way to track the need for 'gardening' (stuff that didn't have editing in a while). Want to add that to my page templates.

Looking forward to read where your thoughts on bookmarks/visualising links take you! On bookmarks: zylstra.org/blog/linqurator-pr there too I'd like way more visualisation (timelines, similar/different use of tags by people for same bookmark)

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