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Hello world, my name's Sarah – I'm constantly curious and easily distracted. The intersection between , and fascinate me because they're bidirectional forces that affect and are affected by society. My current personal projects involve media analysis and online bookmarking.

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Some of my other interests include , , , , , learning , and exploring the human .

Toot at me if you'd like to collaborate, correspond, or just to say hi :)

My only living parent may have forgotten that I exist for the holiday weekend, but I’m thankful I have strong and amazing friendships that make up for it πŸ₯Ί


Jamie Jamieson on Yarns, his Microsub plugin for WordPress:

> Essentially, I wanted to replace my Twitter timeline with a timeline of IndieWeb posts.

#indieweb #microsub


Just finished giving my keynote presentation about variable fonts for Camp East 2020! I built a web page that summarizes my talk, check it out at πŸ––πŸ½

neither knowledge nor ways of relaying it exists in a void: they have a purpose. judging pre-modern forms of knowledge on modern terms ends up covertly affirming the purposes behind modern notions of knowledge

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I’ve been more (virtually) socially active during the pandemic than I was before it (except maybe those years when I was in a band).

Slowly lurching forward despite trying to do too many things at once e_e

This is a good article on digital gardens in the MIT Technology Review.

Here’s a nice quote:

> β€œGardens … lie between farmland and wilderness,” he wrote. β€œThe garden is farmland that delights the senses, designed for delight rather than commodity.”

I’m in the process of procrastinating helping plan the next Gardens & Streams virtual pop-up session about wikis, personal knowledge management, etc πŸ‘€ We’re thinking of hosting it in late September or early October

Any thoughts from people on here who’re passionate about this subject? Any input is welcome!

I’ve decided to give up on reading β€œThe Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss because I haven’t enjoyed what I’ve read so far, and online discussions on the subject suggest it never gets any better. It’s always an awkward feeling when a book that comes very highly recommended falls so flat, but c’est la vie.

Great crowd for @IndieWebCamp West keynotes and intros! We're running sessions the rest of the day, and projects and demos tomorrow! Join here ➀

With Musical Cryptography, Composers Can Hide Messages in Their Melodies By mapping notes to letters, some musicians sneak secret words into tunes.

The private employee is accountable to their boss. The police officer is accountable to the public.

Labor unions organize the interests of employees against employers.

Police unions organize the interests of the police *against the public*.

video of my bike ride (motion warning) 

Just came back from the best ride I’ve had all year. Sunsets give me life ​:blobaww:​

ONLINE: Homebrew Website Club West Coast on May 13, 2020

Working on your website? Want some camaraderie? Need ideas about what you could build next? Want to share what you've built with others? I'm hosting next week's meetup on Wednesday. Come and join the fun!

May 13, 2020

Wed 6:00 - 7:30pm (America/Los_Angeles)

Code of Conduct

Join the Zoom call

We will prov

I have two moods:
- I'm an useless idiot and should stop existing
- The world would be a better place if I were to replace everyone else with a clone of myself

Workplace venting 

I resent and hate people who pay me to waste my time just to pander to their leadership style which consists of incoherently thrown out directives and inconclusive, shitty feedback. I’ve never met a leader more resistant to the concept of project briefs, much less to project planning or project management, than my boss.

I’m preparing my portfolio to look for a new job, but it’s definitely a bad time to be looking for new employment ​:oh_no:​

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