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Hello world, my name's Sarah – I'm constantly curious and easily distracted. The intersection between , and fascinate me because they're bidirectional forces that affect and are affected by society. My current personal projects involve media analysis and online bookmarking.

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Some of my other interests include , , , , , learning , and exploring the human .

Toot at me if you'd like to collaborate, correspond, or just to say hi :)

There’s nothing weirder than watching yourself play something crazy on piano while watching your hands in wonder because it’s 90% muscle memory guiding you and you have no idea how you’re doing it 🎹

Chronic illness is takin' its toll on me this weekend . On the plus side, I've never felt more inspired to write :thisisfine:

tfw you overhear your boss call something you designed "a hodgepodge of shit" :catto:

i really wish I worked at a place where I wasn't stretched so thin that it feels impossible to do good work

Today marks the end of my first week with this e-bike and I’m in love! ​:blobaww:

It’s now my main form of after a year of relying mostly on e-scooters and ride shares. Now more than ever, I‘m glad I decided to go carless when I moved to California!

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I want to self-host my first blog, so I went the static site generator route with Hexo on Mac.

I got errors at first because my Node version was out of date. Then I updated Node, but the old version was still being referenced. I reinstalled it with Homebrew, didn't work so I uninstalled Node altogether. Used NVM install instead. First had to fix a bash profile issue to get NVM installed at all. Finally used it to install Node again. Now that everything's working, I like what I've seen of Hexo so far.

Just spent the most money I've ever spent on anything, on an e-bike 🚲 Despite the sticker shock, I'm soo excited!

Here's to hoping I never encounter battery or electrical fires 🤞🏽

As an end-of-year project I decided to figure out how much I spent last year commuting without owning a car 🛴 🚲

I went through my bank statements and tabulated my commuting-related expenses in Apple Numbers (spoiler: I spent $5,204.33), then designed the charts in Figma. After that I built the interactive charts using ZingChart, and then built and published the project pages using Coda

Conclusions from last year: I'm riding the bus more 🚌 and using ride shares way less 🚗 this year

The best book I read in 2019 was "The Devil in The White City" by Erik Larson, about the Chicago World's Fair.

I love the vivid picture it paints of the US zeitgeist at the turn of the century by weaving together the stories of wildly different people who coexisted for an especially transformative moment in time.

I also enjoyed the unexpected intersection of architecture and crime against the backdrop of a rapidly industrializing society.

PSA for all the butthurt drivers out there who can’t take constructive criticism from the pedestrians they’ve just put in danger: When you insult and make fun of me for wearing a bike helmet, it only makes you look like that much more of an idiot for putting me in danger.

Stay classy San Diego 🙄

It's an interesting feeling to be homesick when home is no longer a place... when home is instead a distributed network of friends flung across the globe.

Just spent a wonderful week in London and brought back the following books from the Tate’s excellent selection and from London Design Week:

- “Bauhaus Ballet: A Popup Performance” by Gabby Dawnay & Lesley Barnes
- “Copywriting: Successful Writing for Design, Advertising and Marketing” by Mark Shaw
- “A Designer’s Research Manual” by Jenn & Ken Visocky O’Grady
- “Beauty” by Sagmeister & Walsh
- “Computational Thinking” by Peter J. Denning & Matti Tedre
- London Design Festival 2019 guidebook

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If I had all the time in the world, I'd probably waste it trying to strategize what to do with it.

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What we've been thinking about all these years


Data, hmm. And yet not Spock.

h/t @dredmorbius

There’s nothing that irks me more than inattentive asshole drivers who proceed to yell and heckle the pedestrians whom they’ve nearly hit. It’s a regular occurrence for me, and makes it hard to stick by not wanting to own a car here. Stay classy San Diego 🙄

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“Metadata is a love note to the future.”
― Jason Scott, Internet Archive

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