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Hello world, my name's Sarah – I'm constantly curious and easily distracted. The intersection between , and fascinate me because they're bidirectional forces that affect and are affected by society. My current personal projects involve media analysis and online bookmarking.

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Some of my other interests include , , , , , learning , and exploring the human .

Toot at me if you'd like to collaborate, correspond, or just to say hi :)

Great crowd for @IndieWebCamp West keynotes and intros! We're running sessions the rest of the day, and projects and demos tomorrow! Join here ➀

With Musical Cryptography, Composers Can Hide Messages in Their Melodies By mapping notes to letters, some musicians sneak secret words into tunes.

The private employee is accountable to their boss. The police officer is accountable to the public.

Labor unions organize the interests of employees against employers.

Police unions organize the interests of the police *against the public*.

@rick_777 there's lots we can do as allies that aren't monetary - protesting, signing petitions and sending emails to your local government about defunding police are ways I've found to support current actions. in general, educating yourself on how to be antiracist is ALWAYS important. even if you can't donate, you can still use your platform and privilege to lift up black voices and dismantle your own privilege

video of my bike ride (motion warning) 

Just came back from the best ride I’ve had all year. Sunsets give me life ​:blobaww:​

ONLINE: Homebrew Website Club West Coast on May 13, 2020

Working on your website? Want some camaraderie? Need ideas about what you could build next? Want to share what you've built with others? I'm hosting next week's meetup on Wednesday. Come and join the fun!

May 13, 2020

Wed 6:00 - 7:30pm (America/Los_Angeles)

Code of Conduct

Join the Zoom call

We will prov

I have two moods:
- I'm an useless idiot and should stop existing
- The world would be a better place if I were to replace everyone else with a clone of myself

Workplace venting 

I resent and hate people who pay me to waste my time just to pander to their leadership style which consists of incoherently thrown out directives and inconclusive, shitty feedback. I’ve never met a leader more resistant to the concept of project briefs, much less to project planning or project management, than my boss.

I’m preparing my portfolio to look for a new job, but it’s definitely a bad time to be looking for new employment ​:oh_no:​

Auto-updating programs are shit. Not *the* shit. Just shit. Don't do auto-updating stuff. Please.

it feels like it should be friday and i dont like it

I’m in the process of deciding which self-hosted platform I want to use for personal knowledge management. Anybody here have experience with one that you enjoyed?

So far I’ve researched TiddlyWiki, Oddmuse, BookStack, Wiki.js, MediaWiki, DokuWiki, WikkaWiki, and Matterwiki, so let me know if you have experience with any of these!

I went a little crazy with my set-up and ended up with a distributed network of 4-ish online personas that encompass various compartmentalizations of my passions, each with their own website, social media presence, and projects :brain1: :brain2: :brain3: :brain4:

I have accounts on social media platforms you’ve never even heard of. Anything’s a social media platform if you squint your eyes hard enough.

There’s nothing weirder than watching yourself play something crazy on piano while watching your hands in wonder because it’s 90% muscle memory guiding you and you have no idea how you’re doing it 🎹

Chronic illness is takin' its toll on me this weekend . On the plus side, I've never felt more inspired to write :thisisfine:

tfw you overhear your boss call something you designed "a hodgepodge of shit" :catto:

i really wish I worked at a place where I wasn't stretched so thin that it feels impossible to do good work

Today marks the end of my first week with this e-bike and I’m in love! ​:blobaww:​

It’s now my main form of after a year of relying mostly on e-scooters and ride shares. Now more than ever, Iβ€˜m glad I decided to go carless when I moved to California!

I want to self-host my first blog, so I went the static site generator route with Hexo on Mac.

I got errors at first because my Node version was out of date. Then I updated Node, but the old version was still being referenced. I reinstalled it with Homebrew, didn't work so I uninstalled Node altogether. Used NVM install instead. First had to fix a bash profile issue to get NVM installed at all. Finally used it to install Node again. Now that everything's working, I like what I've seen of Hexo so far.

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