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His palms are sweaty, knees weak, eyes are swollen
There's malware in his wallet already, apes are stolen

Vampire the Masquerade: Swansong gameplay warning 

In Emem's Anarch quest, avoid talking to the person in the corridor you see through the blinds when sneaking into that one building (He turns out to be named Monty). It'll spawn you on the other side of him after the dialog and you'll be stuck in the building.

Called the stream a bit early today. Ended up in a situation where we magically teleported to the other side of a guard before we had opened the door to get to the guard, meaning we could not get back out because we'd have to get past the guard, but we could also not use the intended entrance because it was locked.

The biggest lie on the modern web:

"We value your privacy"

You have me already logged in, I have previously told you I don't want to be tracked. You have everything to know I don't want to be tracked.


A lot of the scenes in the last FBI S2 episode feel like a straight search-and-replace job from Maggie to Hailey. But the interesting part is that, because they made the gang Chicago and made Hailey CPD, and it's a different actress delivering the lines, it works on all levels.

It salvages a script Peregrym probably couldn't do anymore, it looks and feels like "FBI", down to Hailey's "near-Maggie" appearance that (next to OA) makes off-and-on viewers tune it. But it's also a good episode.

Germany to replace trans law with self-declaration 

Germany unveils plans to permit self-declaration for name and gender change, no longer requiring statements of 2 experts for such changes. The law will need to pass Parliament, several EU states have similar laws

"What the Golf" is a messed up game. Like, how do you get the idea to not only start making a game like that, but actually finish it with this much polish?

Fun Facetime call just now. I should do that more often.

the sad truth of the world is that you share every hobby you have with giant assholes, and that's fine

I just saw the AROS mascot and ... really ... ? You want to confirm every bad cliche about open source developers like that?

It was designed by someone they characterized as an "Amiga animation legend" though, so I doubt it'll be changing.

TIL that Picard has a $9 Million budget, and Discovery $8 Million (per episode). Given how much of Picard takes place in present-day surroundings, I'm surprised about that. I guess a lot of Picard's budget went into paying the well-known actors (which, y'know, is good)? Or to put it another way, I guess Discovery's use of relative unknowns means their locations and costumes can look just as good at a lower budget, despite having to build *all* locations themselves?

Idly wondering why original Mac displays were 342 pixels high. Width had to be a multiple of 8, but at 4:3 aspect ratio, it should be 384 high (like Color Classic).

And the difference in memory is 3kb … doesn't seem like that's the reason.

Is it a memory throughput limitation?

It's almost like all these fake gamer guys are just in it for the attention and never cared about the games...

Can't wait until they find out that the governor is woman as well. And that the hero struggles to perform a classic masculine role.

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So "gamers" now are upset that the sword master is a black woman in Return to Monkey Island, because she was a ... checks notes ... black woman in the first part? Something something cultural marxism?

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