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Why are Mastodon's filter expiry times so short? Maximum is 1 week. What if I want to block something for a month? Or today I actually had the need to block for 3 months (but Twitter wouldn't let me do that either).

I love that when you take part in a Mastodon poll, it actually sends you a notification when the poll closes, so you can check what other answers arrived by the end.

We need more features like that. Keep track of shit for me, let me relax.

Pro tip: If you have a "were you happy with your delivery" questionnaire, don't trigger it after a fixed time. Leave it until *after* the delivery date has actually expired. Or at least offer an option "I'm not happy that it's been scheduled to not deliver in another month" 🤦‍♀️



Thx to Cedrick Hafner

"Mount Rushmore, as seen from canadian side."

Fascinating article on how rendering in the graphics card of Apple's M1 CPU. And in particular, about some unusual behavior that led to a hard to track down issue in the open source driver for those GPUs:

Billionaire worship is a form of human sacrifice.

If you don't speak German, here's an English site on the scam calls with info on reporting things. (thanks

Unbelievable how disproportionately grumpy these scam calls have made me.

Guess it's that whole powerlessness thing, as the official police web site mentions how to not be scammed, but nothing about reporting, so they're likely not interested.

EU-supported astronomers have unveiled the first image of the black hole at the heart of our galaxy.

The provided crucial support through the project for the discovery of Sagittarius A*, a supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way galaxy.

The odd thing is, I haven't really handed out my cell number much. Though I recently had to enter it to open a second YouTube account. I wonder whether we'll soon hear about a Google data leak.

Wenn Ihr Anrufe von "The Europol" bekommt, dann ist das diese Tricksermasche:

Erstes gutes Verdachtsmoment: Caller-ID ist eine Deutsche Handynummer (ich hatte bis jetzt Anrufe von drei verschiedenenen). Als ob die Polizei kein Festnetz hätte.

Just got a phone call from "the Europol". Indian-accented, in English, in an automated message manner. Assholes.

A request to all fans:

Please add a CW to your posts about the series. Many countries won't get the show until late this year because Paramount is using it to roll out its streaming service, and that is slow to roll out beyond the US.

Be nice to your friends and save us from spoilers <3

Those of you who do SwiftUI: An environmentObject ... basically a ViewModel-holder, or what do you generally use it for?

Just found the most bizarre version of German Oktoberfest classic "Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat Zwei" I ever heard. It's even by the original guy, who was also involved in hit song "Da da da":

I wonder if it would be possible for a Mastodon account to "claim" a Twitter account. Maybe the Mastodon account could link to a tweet saying "Follow me on Mastodon under …", and fediverse would rewrite to that Masto account then?

So let me know that the first ten minutes of The Batman are available on YouTube, so that's a good test I suppose:

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The Batman is on iTunes already.

I've basically hated every DC movie except for Wonder Woman (last ones I really liked were the Batman Begins trilogy, I guess). They were mostly just too testosterone-loaden for me.

How does The Batman compare?

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