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We're done with Horizon: Forbidden West, so I'm taking off of streams for the rest of the week.

Next week we'll switch to our old Sunday 5pm CEST schedule (8am PDT), so next stream will be May 22nd (no stream May 15th).

TIL: When on Windows in Discord, using AltGr+0246 (on num pad) to produce "ö" actually switches around between your DMs or so, maybe you have Num Lock off.

If that's off, you're pressing Alt+Down Arrow instead of, which switches between sections.

Coming from the Mac, I keep forgetting that archaisms like num lock and insert/overwrite switches are a thing on Windows.

Is there a tool that will back up an iCloud Drive? Downloading anything that isn't stored locally right now?

Alternately, is there an out-of-the-box way to force download of iCloud Drive contents from a shell script so I can make sure SuperDuper catches the files during a regular periodic backup?

I wish Safari supported an extensions interface*.

*) that people actually find it worthwhile to develop for

The Phantom Invoice: Paypalpatine is actually the Sith Lord!

sexual abuse 

So Frank Langella is an abuser too. Apparently was told what to not do during a sex scene, did it anyway, got fired, now shouting "cancel culture!"

And that was after he'd been reprimanded for inappropriate touching and off-color jokes.

Background: Star Trek has been known to have a loud fan base. Roddenberry basically created that via fanzines and intentionally leaked information. Studios weren't prepared for that and that's how we got S3 of TOS and TNG. They know that tactic now.

I agree, streaming service exclusives suck, and I can't afford all of them either, I rotate through them monthly, too. But given Netflix has become a competing studio, I understand that studios want their own independent streaming services.

I presume Paramount has numbers from Discovery's release that shows that the delay doesn't make a difference, and are taking a long-term view that this is one show's known loud, rabid fans, but better for P+ if Netflix don't get it.

Paramount is entitled to delay their shows' international releases as much as they like. I mean, what else are they going to do? P+ isn't ready yet, Netflix won't make a deal for S1 of a show, knowing it will be pulled and S2 will be P+ only.

You know, sometimes I get the feeling the compiler simply ignores all my comments 🤔

Picard S2 verdict: 

I enjoyed it. But thinking about it some more, it was basically a nostalgia-wank for TNG fans that mostly retread territory that First Contact basically already had covered more succinctly. But a great cast, and the added time spent on the characters was nice. And a wank isn't a bad thing.

Star Trek Picard Season 2 

Heh, they managed to tie together Gary Seven and the Traveler. That makes sense and neatly explains two dangling plot points, gives an opportunity for a neat cameo, but doesn't screw either up because they didn't figure much into the plot.

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