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By the way: SOMA is free on right now. It’s a good, slightly scary Scifi game with a well-told story.

Just get it and give it a try. If it’s too shooty, at least you’ve tried it.

Why did they rename You Don’t Know Jack to Binjpipe?


son: mommy what’s a podcast?
me: well, dear, when a group of men love their opinions very much...


Any of you using the new NetNewsWire already? The one that @brentsimmons rewrote in Swift? I’m still on the old BlackPixel one and I just remembered how much I like its browser with the thumbnails down the side.

Does the new NetNewsWire still have that?

Dear Apple, why does an iPad with iOS 11 show “activate iCloud for iBooks” which then fails? If you retire a server, can’t you at least have the decency to turn off the upsale alerts? Also, why are my only choices “activate” and “later”? Gimme a “never bother me again”.

I was also surprised to find that file associations on Windows are usually handled by the installer registering them in a global location.

On macOS, your app contains a file that declares its file extensions, and the OS caches that info as needed, making it easy to repair.

This is different from my home-turf of macOS, where all support files are (effectively) located relative to the executable, which means you can move an app between drives and it will still work.

(user preferences are still stored in a system location, before objections come in)

A while ago I was surprised to find that Windows apps usually find their files relative to the current directory.

This means to launch a Windows app from a script, you first need to cd into the right folder (which folder may differ, you can find out from its Properties panel).

Shane Black’s action comedies are often Christmas movies:

Long Kiss Goodnight
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Lethal Weapon
Iron Man 3

That last one ends with our hero in a red suit giving presents to a kid!


I’m all for ‘Die Hard’ being a Christmas movie but that means ‘Long Kiss Goodnight’ is too.


the year is 2018. human civilization is in decline. printf debugging still exists

Ha! The Overwatch folks are doing their Yule Log video loop again: This time with one of the Overwatch stream hosts. <3

Do client apps like that already exist? With video filtering/viewing as a YouTube replacement?

I know @manton’s Sunlit ( does that for photos on

OK, I was dumb and had forgotten to actually tick one last checkbox. Took the opportunity to shorten the name. So my Microblog account is now reachable on Mastodon as:


So yeah, that was an elegant podcast backup and restore. Except that Github closed the connection during Sourcetree’s push. But a push from Terminal worked just fine. Liking Git LFS. Liking everything important in Git.

Related: Currently uploading 1.65 GB of my and @winnie’s German TV show review podcast to a Git-LFS-backed Github repository.

BTW — can anyone on Mastodon try if they can follow ? I can’t seem to with my Mastodon account, but maybe that’s on my Mastodon instance’s side.

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