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Huh. Github gives me 1GB LFS storage and bandwidth as part of my paid account (which is a little less than my podcast backup weighs in at). But for $5 a month it gives me 50GB more. So at least I’ll be good for backing up future podcast episodes.

Favorite thing about CLion (and AppCode) that I had completely forgotten: Those lines that show you what closing curly bracket lines up with which “if” when you don’t have the opening bracket on its own line.

OH: “We use spaces instead of tabs so when we talk about tabs in browsers everyone knows what is meant.”

Say, any of you have unit tests that require running a separate command line tool as part of the test? Like, run my code, run jenkins on it, do some more? (otool is just an example of a black box command line tool). Do you just use NSTask or is there a better trick?

This article also doubles as a tutorial to Xcode’s Git integration: Solo Delelopers Need Source Control

I would prefer to back up the entire podcast site (with edit history) to one place so it’s easily restored, instead of having to dig out local hard disks for the media and re-unite them with the text files manually.

So how do you folks back up your podcast web sites?

I currently have the Jekyll files in a Git repository, but it would blow Github’s repository size limit to put the MP3s there as well.

Swift badly needs to do something about its numeric types. Having to cast wildly between Double() and CGFloat() to do maths on coordinates or having to say + DispatchTimeInterval.seconds(2) really doesn’t help DRY or readability.

Calling ObjC methods that are shorter versions of a long method (like -foo:bar:baz:boff:, -foo:bar:baz:, -foo:bar:boff:) from Swift and getting an error about “argument boff: must precede argument baz:”, you’re probably calling a version you didn’t define (like -foo:baz:boff:).

OH: “Only when a mosquito has landed on your balls, will you realize that violence is not always the solution.”

Folks, don’t underestimate how important a unique name for your open source project is. Try searching for help with something on Stackoverflow when there are 4 different libraries with the same name.

myArray.forEach { foo in
if foo.ignore {return}

Do you add a comment that return only exits that one forEach iteration? What do you write?

I know pasting multiple lines in a one-line field is a mean thing to do, still, I was surprised:

Would be awesome if the defaults command line tool was geared more towards use in shell scripts. Would be so useful there. But doesn’t even have a –quiet flag.

Is there any good beginners’ motion graphics design package? I tried iMovie, but it is too rigid (can’t even overlay two titles w. effects or move animated titles to a different position).

It’s just for a hobbyist beginner, occasional use.

Is there a way to prevent Xcode’s “live issue” boxes from madly re-wrapping my text whenever I accidentally mouse over them? It’s getting really hard to click stuff. Only option I see is completely turning them off?

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