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RT Du musstest am MacBook Pro 13" (2016) Touchbar den NVRAM zappen und nun spielen iTunes-Movies nicht mehr, weil das interne Display laut Fehlermeldung nicht HDCP-fähig ist? Willkommen im Club. Hier der bizarre Workaround:


RT 🎩 to the BVG for truly bringing the weird by naming their carpooling service to evoke a poem by Goethe about a father riding home with his son in his arms, not fast enough to save him from the king of the fairies.


RT Y’all this Sabrina re-imagining on Netflix is excellent.


RT *räusper*

Sankt Maaartin, Sahaaankt Maaartin,
Sahaaankt Maaartin ritt durch Sturm und Wind,
sein Ross, das trug ihn fort geeeeeschwind,
*headbang* 🤘🏻


Interesting, though it totally wouldn't work for me.

I personally need structure and stability in my life, and I've found that I need a short commute that forces me to get my exercise in to make me feel well.

RT Exactly one year ago I got rid of my belongings to live out of a only suitcase. I wrote about my experience so far:

✈️ the challenges
💪 how it affected fitness goals
💰 rent prices
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 friends & family
🛥 a boat
🤗 mood & happiness


RT OH: “typealias TheFullMonty = Equatable & Hashable & Codable” - 😂😂😂


TIL about the c++filt and swift-demangle command line tools.

Die Polizisten, die den Verkehr an der Kreuzung Plinganserstraße/Lindenschmidtstr. regeln, geben echt unklare Signale. Keine klare Pose. Kein Blickkontakt in eine Fahrbahnrichtung. Stehen im Prinzip nur auf der Straße und vertreten sich die Füße. Umgehen!

RT “How many developers have had a negative experience of C++ because they were taught to use it like C?”


RT Absolutely loved playing through on stream, lots of memories from the tabletop game.

Have a controller handy for PC though, as it can easily clear an occassional bug with the dialogue on mouse & keyboard.

Back to The Last of Us first time playthrough tomorrow.


So how do you opt out of tracking on Tumblr?

All I see are buttons to accept all the horrible tracking, but No way to actually opt out.

As far as Europe and the GDPR exists, Tumblr might as well just have turned off their servers.

RT We've done a writeup over the current limitations with Drag & Drop on iOS, complete with a bunch of radars. Please share, please dupe (or share your workarounds!). Thanks!


RT So what you have to do is remember to plug in the headphone jack *after* you connect to HDMI. That makes headphone “last in”, and audio will go out to it.

Con staff will tell you to go into the setting app. iPads don’t work like that. Just plug in audio last. 5/x


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