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We have noise canceling headphones that filter out noise from the surrounding environment from what the user hears.

Next I'd love for them to gain noise cancelling microphones that filter said environmental noise for call recipients.

Ich war [heute] Jahre alt, als mir klar wurde, dass „Schutt“ natürlich von „schütten“ kommt.

Der Fußweg Block Lindwurmstr./Rothmundstr. Nahe Sendlinger Tor ist für Fußgänger gesperrt. Die sichern da eine Plane (Beweise/Leiche?).

I honestly thought Stadia had been shut down last year already.

It has been zero days since a piece of software has required me to accept the GPL in order to run it

Sounds like Marvel are doing the Iron Man: Armor Wars storyline as a movie with Don Cheadle (there was apparently talk about a series at first).

I hope it roughly follows the comic and doesn't just reuse the name.


Honey, nut, cheerio

John Harvey Kellogg having a one night stand.

Any CoreData-in-Swift(UI?) pros out there?

Is there really no way to make an Int (Int32, Integer, any number) an optional in CoreData in Swift?

Whenever I post something that points out downsides in C (and particularly C++):

Always remember that while I might think that C and C++ are bad solutions, that still doesn't mean they aren't often the only solution.

E.g. I wouldn't use Swift for implementing my programming language, because Swift's limited availability means I'd have to port Swift before I could port my language. C++'s wide availability makes it the best of all bad choices.

basically, like C, any language where "you just have to always remember not to do any of these 30 things and it works fine" is bad

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Thoughtcrimes. Still such a great movie. And should have been taken to series.

But I guess if it had, Numb3rs and Stargate Atlantis would have been very different shows.

My external screen keeps flashing memory garbage for a millisecond every few minutes. Everyone, please consider getting a paid @Telemetry_Deck subscription before this thing dies, so I can afford a Studio Display :D~

Small success yesterday: Forgot to uncheck the DPD shipping option, so had to pick up a parcel because of course they never attempted a delivery to my address (no "you weren't home" slip in my mailbox, and I was home all day anyway).

When the pickup station clerk had problems finding my delivery, I just pointed at my name on their list. They were so confused, they didn't even get around to complaining about my name this time!

So, boosts would be nice:

Do you know how you would start researching a weird topic? —

What I want to look into is the relevant history of the occult/magical in the territory that’s modern Italy, and their intersection with pagan/non-Christian religious practices, including folklore, over time (as relevant, but I’m interested how they shifted after Catholicism and into modern times).

Pro tip: Consume movie and game series in release order, not in-universe chronological.

When they release a prequel, writers know that viewers have seen the "later" movie. So they write the story with that in mind.

Exception: Director's cuts: go by original's release date there.

Just watched Independence Day 2 for the first time.

Seriously? You have Sela Ward, and THIS is what you do with her? And the Chinese pilot basically gets handed out as a reward? And the gay lover gets fridged?

The writers haven't seen a trope they didn't like, huh?

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