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Does any oven manufacturer make an oven timer that keeps counting after it rings? All I've seen so far stopped at 0:00. Would be useful to know -15:00 ? OK, that pizza is charcoal. -3:00 ? Quick, pull it out before it goes dry!

Great product design is including a measuring cup with your rice cooker that does not get scratched by rice.

The MACE 68k Mac emulator has such a cool technical blog. Goes into cool details, has pretty screen shots, I love it:

Everyone: I'll never understand why everyone says “ananas” but English had to call it “pineapple”. It doesn't get any more nonsensical than this.

Brazilian Portuguese: hold my abacaxi

If anyone out there is familiar with GitHub Actions and SwiftPM, I would really like to know what is going on here:

Is Apple sending out bad e-mails?

Friend received a *Canadian* price change notification for the app store, and I received a message about my account having bad payment data for iTunes Connect (isn't that what musicians use?).

Messages look legit.

Frame drops: An inconvenience for a streamer or gamer, a threat to the existence of a gallery.

That thing where you make an appointment and the next empty slot is 3 months from now.

Frauen konkurrieren mit Männern auf dem Arbeitsmarkt und bieten ihre Arbeitskraft günstiger für die gleiche Tätigkeit an. Ich plädiere dafür, dass diese Marktmanipulation ein Ende haben muss. Frauen dürfen Männer beim Gehalt nicht mehr unterbieten!

Have been thinking for a while about shutting my contact form down. It doesn't fulfil its purpose as a spam protection measure, and I haven't received legit contact attempts that way in a while either.

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Just got about 500 attempts to feed exploit SQL into my contact form. All caught because they're accessing the form directly without even TRYING to do the kaptcha.

Also I'm not running an SQL server there anyway, but hey, thanks for playing.


How my week's been going? Well, I just found last week's laundry in the washing machine. So gonna have to re-do that run with some laundry disinfectant. 🤦‍♀️

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