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At a previous job, the web site, store pages etc. always listed the usual current OS - 1 system requirement. But the app supported older. It rewarded long-term customers, kept support load low but allowed us to cut off OS comp quickly when warranted.


I always felt that US law was often bizarre, but they were good at taking repeat looks at laws and getting them right in subsequent revisions, vs. Germany where laws are deliberated long to get them right, as they then are hard to undo.

I hope that's how the US really works. 😓

clown introduces himself to the proctologist 

"butt doctor, i am pagliacci"

#German animal names are really something.

sloth: Faultier (“lazy animal”)
seal: Seehund (“sea dog”)
turtle: Schildkröte (“shield toad”)
skunk: Stinktier (“stink animal”)
squid: Tintenfisch (“ink fish”)
slug: Nacktschnecke (“nude snail”)
hippo: Nilpferd (“nile horse”)
armadillo: Gürteltier (“belt animal”)

Murmeltier, (marmot, “mumble animal”) has nothing to do with mumbling, by the way. It’s from “murmenti”, based on Latin “mus montis”, “mouse of the mountain”.


(Rationale behind C compilers detecting valid C++: In mixed-language codebases where C is used to offer a bridging interface, it's easy to accidentally pull in a C++ header in a C header, or forget an __cplusplus.)

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Feature request for the clang devs: When someone uses C++ constructs in C, don't just say "I don't understand." Rather, add explicit error messages like "static_assert is a C++ construct and not available in C" or so.

Some areas of C are *so* effed up. Array return parameters are a good collection of WTFs:

void foo( uint8_t list[_Nullable 4] )

Why do the qualifiers go INSIDE the square brackets? Why are the square brackets not with the type?

DEpol, SUV, Gerichtsurteil(+) 

Nice, ich hoffe das setzt sich durch: Dem Fahrer eines SUVs, der eine rote Ampel ignoriert hat, wurden jetzt 350 € Strafe statt dem Regelsatz von 200 € aufgebrummt. Die Begründung: SUVs sind gefährlicher als andere Autos.

Du stehst auf Sozialismus und Standardisierung? Komm in das neue Social Network, LinkeDIN!

covid, vaccinations 

if you live in Bavaria this is where you sign up

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TIL that "polyfill" is a type of noise insulation or cotton wool.

Meaning all those people who named the command for filling a polygon with a color in programming languages were probably smirking at their cute little wordplay. 😍

A frequent source of frustration to me is that there's no way in C to say "perform this math operation, but if it overflows branch to do this other thing". The actual CPUs generally do have specific ways to do this, but C doesn't expose them.

I could swear the compiler used to tell you WHAT METHOD in a class is abstract when you're trying to instantiate an abstract class. But right now it's just telling me that it's abstract and not why. 😅

For those who asked about it: It's not the exact same spot, but it's from the same campaign: The ball shaving cream ad with the two pink balloons:

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