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Would look nice in the background during streams I suppose, but I can always mount my 480p projector somewhere and use that to project a nice background behind me.

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Random thought: If I bought a big, low-res display (maybe a 40" TV) I could show a slideshow of a variety of posters on it, alternating in a single space.

Of course, my paper posters don't use power and I don't have to turn them off at night.

Bin dafür, dass wir das englische „chonky boi“ ab sofort übersetzen mit „Dicktiergerät“.

Bei beiden haben die meisten von uns wahrscheinlich intuitiv die falsche Wortzusammensetzung im Kopf, womöglich durch unsere Aussprache bedingt.

Denn Prostitution ist nicht „pros“+„titution“, sondern kommt von lat. „pro“ + „statuere“, „zur Schau stellen“.

Und Helikopter ist nicht „heli“+„copter“, sondern stammt aus dem Griechischen; „helix“+„pteron“, frei übersetzt so viel wie „Spiralflügler“. (Ihr kennt vielleicht den Flugsaurier „Pterodactylus“, „Flügelfinger“.)

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here is a voucher for a smol kitn snugl if you are upset

*hands you a scrap of paper with a pawprint on it*

you can use it as many times as you want. i hope it will help you a little bit :blobcatheart:

I've moved my programming videos to a new YouTube channel, Masters of the Void:

So if you're interested in them, you no longer get useless notifications about my gaming streams.

Die Verbraucherzentralen schlagen vor, dass #9EuroTicket ab September beizubehalten und für 29 Euro zu verkaufen.
Sicher ist: Den Riesen-Fortschritt eines EINHEITLICHEN, für alle bezahlbaren Tickets darf nicht wieder zürückgedreht werden! Dafür muss es JETZT eine große gesellschaftliche Bewegung geben.

There's a big problem with the "milk, then cereal" vs. "cereal, then milk" divide: Nobody ever talks about what they do for their second helping.

Violate one license and you’re a criminal. Violate every license and you’re an AI.

#microsoft #copilot

I was happy that they'd ported the Mac versions of KotoR and KotoR 2 to 64-bit Macs, but now that I've tried them ... they're a complete crashfest. Disappearing mouse cursors, fullscreen game that suddenly stops redrawing, and crash to login screen.

Oh. Dr. Strange 2 is directed by Sam Raimi. That explains all the things that felt "wrong" to me.

pun, lewd 

Warum heißt es eigentlich Oralverkehr unter der Dusche und nicht Seifenblasen?

After months of a mostly sedentary lifestyle (I basically did 30 minutes on the treadmill once a week ... on average), I walked 12 km today (in 2 6km trips ... one to town, one back).

Goodness it sucks to be out of shape. I can barely walk now.

Dear iPhone, when I create a playlist of 50 songs, how fucking likely is it that I want you to remove half the songs from that list from my phone?

@chucker BTW ... I saw you forked Mastonaut, too. I changed it locally for me to allow clicking on the actual "black box" to un-hide the CW box, and to also immediately show any images if you un-hide a CW.

If you're interested, I can send you the changes. I didn't make my repository public yet, as it needed to be modified to contain my team code which I don't want to make public. I think one could set things up so that's filled in based on the signing identity.

#TIL The HTML <blink> tag was just a joke. Netscape got the idea from a chat, "what special effect is possible for browsers on a Unix terminal?" Lou Montulli (Lynx author) joked "blinking text". Another implemented it as an Easter egg. And everything went out of control later...

> [...] blinking was constrained only to the UNIX version, but it didn't take long [...] to spread [...]. I remember thinking that this would be a pretty harmless easter egg, that no one would really use it, but I was very wrong. When we released Netscape Navigator 1.0 we did not document the blink functionality in any way, and for a while all was quiet. Then somewhere, somehow the arcane knowledge of blinking leaked into the real world and suddenly everything was blinking. "Look here", "buy this", "check this out", all blinking. Large advertisements blinking in all their glory. [...]
> In the end, the thing that I am truly sad about, is that Lynx never did get to blink.

:blobcatgiggle: #retrocomputing

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