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Had a fun Twitch stream of Vampire the Masquerade: Swansong last Sunday, BTW. The story is really barrelling on, and we're finding out some interesting things. I also failed a few skill checks, which will probably come to bite us later on 😅

Also thanks to Joe Levy for raiding us!

You'd need a heuristic to detect what scroll area should be affected by the mouse, like closest scroll bar to the right of the mouse that extends to the mouse's Y coordinate. Then send the app fake mouse click events in that scroll bar's up or down arrows. That works, unless scroll areas are nested, like they are in web browsers.

In that case, you'd scroll the inner scroll area in cases where you're to the left of the inner area, but over the outer one, or scroll far away scroll areas.

Idly pondering whether it's possible to retrofit scroll wheel support into MacOS 9.

The problem is that there is no concept of a Scroll View in classic MacOS. A scroll bar is like a slider, the app places it somewhere, and clicks change its value. The app then reacts to those value changes by redrawing part of the window in whatever way it sees fit.

A fascinating peek into an under-estimated aspect of the craft of Wrestling: Wrestling safely, without injuring your ring partner:

I'm not enough of a Knight Rider fan to spend my money on this, but I'm fascinated by the enthusiasm the "Knight Rider Historians" put into collecting all these prominent vehicles from the show.

They're looking for help restoring the big black F.L.A.G. truck KITT was kept in on the show:

So I just had to restart my M1 MacBook Pro because it would not charge when plugged into power. No matter whether MagSafe or USB-C.

Finally found a use for that glass case I rescued from the landfill years ago:

Given HyperCard's file format uses standard TextEdit style table format, which includes an RGBColor, I wonder if one could trick HyperCard into saving color information into a file and then use an AddColor-style XCMD to actually render the text in color.

George Stibitz

The biographies of first-generation computing researchers are just incredible. Imagine inventing basic logic circuits from scratch using electromechanical relays during the 1930s (including literally the term "digital computer"), at the same time, living long enough to personally use an Amiga and draw pictures with it in the 1990s. #retrocomputing

Erotophobia of corporate web 

Reason a zillion and one not to use corporate social media as an archive: Google deleted a university library's *entire archive of videos* for posting an interview with the creators of the lesbian magazine "On our backs" #youtube #google #censorship #lesbian

Heard a weird noise earlier and couldn't locate it. Didn't see anything obvious in the stairwell or out front. Turns out the ceiling insulation in the driveway came down. Good thing I don't have to go anywhere today.

Ugh. Slept really badly last night due to weird hot weather. It doesn't feel that hot, and thermometer never got past 30°C, but something about this weather is kicking my butt anyway. 😵‍💫

My sister just informed me: "Frodo" is the translated name.
In his own language (westron) his name is Maura Labingi

> The name Frodo Baggins is an English translation of his Westron name Maura Labingi.


#lotr #LordOfTheRings #fiction

Just remembered the song "Funky Cold Medina". Used to love that groove as a kid.

Now that I've read the lyrics, what the F is wrong with this song?!

Gotta say that GATTACA (1997) is a pretty fine and very underrated Sci-fi movie. I found the theme and cinematography very interesting. Also was a joy to see Jude Law doing his best.

#Movie #Movies #MovieReview #ArtWork #MoviePoster #SciFi #Bluray

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