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I generally like backdoor pilot episodes in parent TV shows, but goodness, make it feature the parent show's characters! Don't just make it an episode of the spinoff with framing narration by a parent show actor!

Spoiler-avoidance tip for people playing Horizon - Forbidden West: 

Do the bandit camps as soon as they become your level. The main quest refers to an event from them and will spoil it for you, otherwise.

If you ever wondered what the "reduced" in RISC's "reduced instruction set computing" means, here's a nice little explainer:

A few years ago, a colleague pointed me at the Firefox plugin "tree-style tabs". It shows your tabs as an outline at the left of your browser window. So useful when e.g. batch-editing repositories on Github or having web sites open for JIRA tickets.

I had a near heart-attack when the PS4 at first wouldn't boot into safe mode after the SSD replacement. Luckily that was just related to it being connected to the display via a capture device. After a direct connection, holding power until 2nd beep worked.

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Result of updating the PS4 to an SSD: It seems to have worked. Not sure Load screens are any faster (at best 1/3rd shorter), but the obvious popping of chunky low-res models on fast travel seems to be gone.

Once pined a Jedi named Yoda
That inclined his way of speaking
To titter his friends
Which bitter made him
Plus his limericks rhymed none of


Welp. Wish me luck. Though it seems I at least didn’t screw up the drive replacement and OS install to the SSD. Now send good thoughts for my Horizon Forbidden West savegames.

When marketing comes up with a new product name and everyone just approves without even reading it…

It's not as if I use my PS4 much. I play whenever a game comes out I can't get for PC. So once Horizon is done, it'll prolly go in the shelf. Updating the HD seems too much work for that.

I have a 1TB SSD lying around here, and now I'm thinking if I should stick that in my PS4.

But then I see the instructions and it involves downloading a system update from somewhere and installing it using an extra drive of some sort.

If my name was Shannon, I'd use the username "Shannonigans" everywhere.

Tried out Pringles "pizza" flavor today, and I can confirm they taste exactly as disgusting as you'd expect.

The typical synthetic Pringles note, plus artificial-cheese flavor, plus the taste of those weird "tomato-flavor" chips. And just a note of uncooked dough. I'm glad I tried them, my expectations were exactly met, and I hope to never eat them again 😅

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