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It's been a minute, time to repost the best star Trek meme of all time.


Also, ensure your instructions aren't misleading: The "Accessibility" section of the Privacy Tab of the "Security and Privacy" section of System Preferences is a completely different place than the "Accessibility" section of System Preferences.

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If your Mac app gives directions like "go in system preferences and give my app permission to do X in 'Security'":
1. Ensure instructions stay onscreen until the user is done. Don't put them in a modal panel that hides when your app deactivates.
2. Ensure your instructions are verified correct every system update. Apple often moves stuff around.

Short reminder that I once spent a few weeks reimplementing the fundamentals of NeXT's AppKit on classic MacOS 9: just because it's possible.

Added rudimentary icon support to Stacksmith. Currently that's just an internal list of icon names, IDs and image paths in stacks, and a pushbutton will look up its image based on that info and display it, + "icon" property.

I did a quick re-record of my talk "Why HyperCard was so f***ing great" from NSConference 2014 based on the original notes and slides. In case you always wanted to know what HyperCard was:

WLAN-Namen - die Spielwiese für alle, die sich keinen eigenen Friseursalon leisten können 😎

Ich hatte eben einen Anruf eines englisch-sprechenden Herrn, der sich als Mitarbeiter d. Police Departments in Berlin ausgab. Er teilte mit, d. es Probleme mit meiner ID-Card gäbe, die wohl missbraucht worden wäre.

Er war drauf und dran, weitere Daten von mir abzufragen, als ich ihn fragte, ob ich einen deutsch-sprechenden Kollegen haben könnte, da mir das sehr seltsam vorkam. Sofort wurde aufgelegt.

Ein Anruf beim Polizeipräsidium ergab: neue Betrugsmasche. Ich solle bitte mein Umfeld warnen.

Anyone know what happened to the Zeppelin Dot Flights Mastodon server? Lots of people I used to follow moved there and now the server seems gone?

Mastotip: If you tag person x in a DM with person y, both x and y will be able to see what you said. A common workaround is to put spaces between the @ sign and the username (I.e. @ sandrockcstm @

This is really key if you are discussing a moderation related issue with an admin, say if person x is harassing you. If you tag that person you can inadvertently get them to see the conversation. This is not clear from the UI and a common trap for new users.

That thing where you find a 2012 Stackoverflow post claiming sth. trivial was not done in an app because it isn't Cocoa and that makes it difficult (instead of for UX), and you have to actively fight the urge to uselessly add a correction.

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