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No stream today. See you tomorrow with more AC: Valhalla.

I'm not criticizing, just comparing different approaches. Assassin's Creed doesn't have companions in the Mass Effect sense that you take on every mission, level up and need to make loyal as a mechanic.

AC's romances are NPCs that accompany on a few specific missions, and otherwise stay in their "vendor booth". You don't see them as much, so having more superficial romances makes sense. It's just a fun way to get replayability and an extra side quest, and anoint your favorite NPC.

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To be fair, AC romances seem to be more "quick flings" anyway. Going by what I've seen in Odyssey and now Valhalla so far, you get to have a "first date" with them, from then you can occasionally go back and kiss them or bed them (same 2 short cut scenes), they greet you differently, and that's it.

Now, I'm only 1/3rd into Valhalla, so there might be more here later. But I don't expect it has the magnitude of romances in Mass Effect, where you had several "dates" and a loyalty mission.

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Interesting. For a franchise whose characters say "everything is permitted", romances in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla are fairly restricted:

When you start a romance, it is exclusive. If you meet another romanceable NPC, you either end the current romance (which you can't resume for the rest of the game), tell them you're in a relationship (postponing the decision), or tell them you only see them as a friend (turn down that romance).

Dear Mac mini Server!

You delivered emails, Jabber, websites, static and dynamic alike, cared for databases, calendars and contacts, kept a user directory, authenticated them on the WiFi in your RADIUS, served files and updates, resolved hostnames, collected backups, compiled source code, maintained packages and many more things.

Today, I release you from your server duties, you've been conducting 24/7 since early 2009.
Henceforth you'll watch over my dashboards.

Thank you!


How does Darth Vader know what Luke has for Christmas?

Because he felt his presents! 🤪

If you're seeing this on Twitter, it worked. If you're seeing this on Mastodon, just ignore it. Thanks!

RT Trailer unseen, a logline:

"James Rhodes, after the death of his friend, Tony Stark, reprises his armored identity as War Machine after learning Stark's armor technology is moving through the criminal underworld & vows to prevent the perversion of Stark's legacy."


CyberPunk 2077 vague plot allusions 

Not sure about the choice and "class story" differences yet. I'm playing Street Kid and saw someone play Corporate, and those seem to pretty quickly converge on the same path we saw in the trailers. So not sure how much replayability there will be, though they could always diverge again later.

Dialog trees are optimized for keyboard efficiency, but the axes are 90 degrees wrong, and some stuff is on an annoyingly short timer. The dialog trees are very flat, mostly linear.

So yeah, I bought Cyberpunk. It's really pretty. The story feels like it's going somewhere, and the world seems well fleshed-out. Had a few moments of slight body horror during the first upgrade, but that's likely more because I'm chicken, not because it's especially gory.

The UI is ... not very good. I think part of it is intentional Cyberpunk-iness, but it turns me off the game a bit. It's very busy, and the skill tree is designed in a weird dual-use style that took me a while to "get".


Do men who call women ”witches” as an insult not realize how cool witches are?


Of course I thought of this warning about attempting to parse HTML using regular expressions, which I commend as worth a few moments of your time even if you do not know what those things are

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yever think about how there are probably chemists, paid by building material and art supply companies, who have spent immense amounts of their lives watching, very intently, paint dry?

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