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(And I’d be remiss if I didn’t post the original, with a very Goth Sarah Jessica Parker: )

Song of the day: Come Little Children (Sarah’s Song from Hocus Pocus)

(The Hound + the Fox cover)

Cipher lives!


According to a couple different sources,

‘NEW MUTANTS’ will be getting a new trailer next month — and the film will release sometime in 2020 by Disney.



This is worth reading if only for its correct interpretation of the last sequence in the movie

Spoiler-free Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker verdict:

Totally predictable but still fun and good at what it does, and it works as an ending to the trilogy.

Also worked around missing actors very well.

TIL the struct = value type, class = reference type distinction I first encountered in Swift has apparently been in C# for ages already.

If something’s weird on your MSI laptop, check the “Dragon Center” app. It has some really badly labeled options that can easily be turned on by accidental keypresses, like turning on power saving mode (turns any movie/animation into a slide show), turning off Windows key etc.

Did the “Xbox Game Pass for PC” 1 EUR thing to try The Outer Worlds? Want to transfer your saves to the version from the Epic Store?

The “The Outer Worlds Windows 10” folder contains a folder with a number as the name. Copy that into the Save Games folder as “The Outer Worlds”.

Also, is there any documentation generator that can check whether in-line code examples (Swift, C++) would actually compile? Likely by letting me provide “invisible” extra code as a test harness? (It doesn’t have to run the code, compiling would be enough)

Is there a documentation generator that lets you basically write Markdown, and will create a nice web site from that? Needs support for anchors, per-page table of contents, “information” and “warning” boxes and source code highlighting.

Seems like Gitbook USED to be like that?

I’m slowly getting used to drinking insanely bitter tea.

Wish I’d just get used to setting a timer to take out the teabag after a few minutes instead.

Anyone else familiar with the TV show “Photon” ?

It was basically “LaserTag, the TV series”.

I love Netflix’s “The Toys that made us” documentary.

I didn’t know that Power Rangers was basically recycled footage from a Japanese show mixed with new connecting scenes shot in the US.

I knew they were based on a Japanese show, but thought it was a remake or dub.

Just stumbled over the “GitHub Packages” tab. What problem does that solve? Auto-update cached NPM packages/Docker images and make it easier for Github to optimize serving them than if they’re just a Release, or what?

Will have to read up on that.

I have a new Xcode 11.2 EXC_BAD_ACCESS code=1 addr=0 in my iOS unit tests I can’t explain:

#0 0x000000000 in 0x00000000 ()
#1 0x10613e9d9 in dispatch thunk of MyClass.myMethod(name:type:flags:) ()
#3 0x105d5b43a in MyTest.setUp()
#4 0x105d5b4eb in @objc MyTest.setUp() ()


What is a “dispatch thunk” in Swift? I mean, I know a thunk is code added around or at the start/end of a function, so I’m assuming it’s some sort of adapter function?

Getting a crash in one trying to call 0x00 and have no idea why.

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