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I love that you can have additional parameters after variadic arguments in Swift.

It’s fun to see error messages when you implement a property wrapper. You can tell that property wrappers are 100% syntactic sugar.

Like, if your init(wrappedValue:…) is init(_ foo: …), you get an error “extraneous argument label wrappedValue:” at the property declaration.

Encountered a template language today that uses Polish prefix notation for its expressions. Feels weird to have a convenience like a template language, then make expressions less convenient just to simplify your parser.

Again wondering if anyone on the Xcode team uses drag & drop like I do. That whole new “make space for a new line when dropping something” thing in Xcode 11 makes Drag & Drop very fiddly.

And for the umpteenth time, alt-dragging text next to itself to duplicate it is broken.

Now streaming Chapter 2 of 5 of Tales of Monkey Island, come watch, chat etc.

Getting error “Building for Mac Catalyst requires macOS 10.15” or “Building for Mac Catalyst, but the linked framework is building for iOS”?

Pasting SUPPORTS_MACCATALYST = NO; into the requisite targets in the pbxproj using a text editor seems to have fixed it for now.

Anyone know how to PREVENT Xcode 11.1 from trying to build my iOS project as Catalyst? It depends on binaries that aren’t Catalyst either. I’m on 10.14 still, so the checkbox is off but somehow Xcode still insists on building for Catalyst…

TIL: Automator can create “Quick Actions” that show up in the Services menu. You can assign them a keyboard shortcut in System Preferences > Keyboard. One keypress can run a shell script now.

Anyone out there who can identify a 70ies James Bond knockoff movie based on my humming of the title theme? I think it’s originally saxophone with some orchestra:

(Might also be late 60ies)

TIL: flotsam is floating debris on the sea, jetsam is stuff in the sea that has intentionally been thrown (jettisoned) overboard.

Will start streaming the lost Monkey Island sequel at the top o’ the hour: Tales of Monkey Island - Episode 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal.

Cursey with a Chance of Monkeys!

Anyone see

clang: warning: using sysroot for ‘iPhoneOS’ but targeting ‘MacOSX’ [-Wincompatible-sysroot]

when building for macOS? (This is with CMake, in case that helps anyone)

Hallo Münchener und Ex-Münchener! Weiss wer von Euch, ob es hier irgendwo gutes japanisches Curry gibt? Also ein Restaurant, das Ihr empfehlen könnt?

You are in a maze of twisty little branches, all alike…

Space Invaders was the first cover-based shooter don't at me

Click to „update in an hour“, expecting I‘ll be asked again. An hour later, Mac suddenly restarts.

What is this, Windows Vista?!

Ich verstehe nicht, warum man Dinge ins Schaufenster stellen würde, die man nicht kaufen kann…?
Bei einer Schneiderei vielleicht, aber dann würde man DAS ja dranschreiben, oder?

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