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Going through a tutorial and realizing that the author is either very conservatively opinionated, or a beginner.

Tips include things like “so we don’t have to delete code we may need later, ifdef it out” and “install your framework dependency in /Library or ~/Library” …

I have a label printer now and I'm enjoying this way too much. This is probably gonna end badly.


Git and I are in a committed relationship but it pushes me sometimes


Fühlt sich immer noch komisch an, wenn man im Supermarkt wegen der ganzen Leergutbons noch 5 € rausbrkommt.


Having some Thoughts on the Agile Manifesto's preference for "face-to-face communication" which boil down to: face-to-face communication prioritizes the now of ephemeral, real-time communication over the later of organizational memory and knowledge.


Google Docs and Google Sheets are some great technical achievements. Too bad Google owns them.

So the weight difference between a MacBook Pro and Air 13” is 120g. And the new Air has Touch ID but no Touch Bar.

Remember those rumors about Apple adding “aging” to Finder icons to show their modification date? Whatever happened to useful secondary visualizations like that?

We need to find useful data points and incorporate them into the next generation of post-table-view list GUI.

The hardest part about GUI in apps that hold large amounts of data is visualizing them.

Not only do you need to find out what information a user really cares about, but also how to show important differences in 2 dimensions.

I mean just look at this cover: It basically says everything.

And yes, I know Hulk is a very thinly veiled metaphor for body dysphoria, and I also know that this run of Hulk has She-Hulk literally state she doesn’t know which body to leave the house with. Thing is, I usually pick up on stuff like that. This one took me 25 years.

It’s amazing how things you’re exposed to at a young age don’t register as special.

E.g. I recently read She-Hulk (2016-18 - titled “Hulk” at the time, but trade paperbacks say “She-Hulk”) and it was the first time I realized how well Hulk works as a metaphor for body dysphoria.

It’s cooling down and I’m still getting heat-induced migraines.

At least black tea seems to be helping. Curtailed the optical issues and mellowed the subsequent headache.

I might have to stockpile pre-bottled Darjeeling in the fridge until this gets better.

Anyone here familiar with assembler programming on OS X and would be interested in writing the book?

I may have a contact for you.

Wow! Gesetzesänderung erlaubt endlich, dass Spiele, in denen Nazis vorkommen, nicht in Deutschland zensiert werden müssen. Erstes Beispiel ist wohl Wolfenstein Youngblood.

Endlich mal etwas Vernunft, vielleicht können wir jetzt endlich mal die Geschichte in Spielen aufarbeiten.


Having casually read some Go, I wonder what you think about its syntax? From a typed language POV, a lot of it feels to me like it’s more a toolkit for building a language than an actual language (explicit Self, re-specifying types).

What am I missing?

Fun fact: If you call print() before fatalError() in Swift, your print() will not be output unless you call fflush(stdout) or turn off buffering.

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