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I still miss the folks I met at - after skipping all but one conference for a few years, this was the best way to remind me of why I went to cons.

Am I exhausted after all those people? Yes. Did I sometimes feel lonely in the crowd? Yes.

Still, worth it.


Der Frage „Woher kommst Du, also wirklich?" nur noch mit Gegenfrage „Was haben deine Vorfahren 1933-1945 gemacht?" begegnen.


Any of you use text editor apps with Git integration? Basically looking for something that just commits to Git when I hit “save”, like Coda does for FTP.

Also interested in Windows recommendations, not just Mac.

OH: “The spirit of Berlin is like ‘I don’t like you, but it’s great that you’re here.’”

My biggest UI annoyance these days is stuff re-arranging under my finger just as I’m about to tap.

We need to avoid that more, and if we can’t, indicate UI in flux better, e.g. using progress indicators.

Hairdressers in Germany never disappoint with their punny shop names

“I’m not meant to face the daystar“, I think as I blind myself with the sun‘s reflection off the trashcan lid by accident.

Neat trick:

Place the mouse over a scroll area.

Place two fingers on the trackpad as if you were about to scroll, but don’t move.

Note how the scroll bar shows.



I wish HyperCard would have evolved instead of drifting to extinction. Such an amazingly elegant tool.


Cap’n Crunch arrested for labor law violations. More at 11.

Guten Abend, Berlin, was soll ich denn heute Abend essen? Und will irgendwer mitkommen?

What’s the most DRY, nicest way to initialize an empty array or dictionary in Swift?

var bookTitles: [String] = []

seems like it should read

var bookTitles = [String]


var bookTitles = Array()

feels too different from array literals elsewhere.

Since that last one fit badly in 280:

If I know I will likely run a command when a certain error message occurs, I make my script print the command along with the error message.

Like in this case the command to open FileMerge and let me update the files of a comparison test.

Any of you have cool Xcode build log tricks?

Like echo “/path/to/file:100:12: error: foo” from a script to show an error (or warning, or note).

Or print “opendiff ‘/path/fileA.txt’ ‘/path/fileB.txt’ -merge ‘/path/fileA.txt’” to copy and FileMerge files that need manual updates.

Another low-hanging fruit for diffing UIs apart from “detecting a list and don’t mark the entire line as changed if it just gained a comma at the end”:

Detect line ending changes in files. Mark if all occurences of LF are in the file and are now CRLF (or start/end with CRLF).

I wonder what Hex Fiend’s “Binary Templates (Beta)” menu item is all about. Never noticed that before, but sounds really useful… (Thinking like Resourcerer TMPLs?)

Since I just had to look it up again: For lifetime purposes, you can basically assume std::string::c_str() returns the string’s internal buffer.

So if the std::string is modified or goes out of scope/is deleted, your C-string is invalid as well. Otherwise, it is safe to use.

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