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Ooo, Swift’s Result class has a constructor that takes a closure that may throw! Means Result fans can use throwing APIs nearly transparently.

But if you were to create Result-based versions of your methods, how do you avoid name collisions with your throwing versions?

XCTest should have a version of XCTAssertNotNil() for Swift that works like an if let, or some sort of compact syntax or variable promotion that tells Swift that after XCTAssertNotNil(foo), foo can’t be NIL anymore.

Unpopular opinion: nano should be the default editor on all Linux distributions, and you should never ship an OS distro with vi as the only option.

vi is 1969 GUI. Start up in insert mode, switch commands to Ctrl+Something shortcuts and show read/write/quit hints onscreen to fix

That ting where a computer’s keyboard layout is set to French and it takes you a while to realize why only half the keys produce sensible characters. Fun task: Find the “m” on a French keyboard without the right printing on the key caps.

Further to @anna's poll asking which is the best kind of GNU plus Linux, what's the best kind of BSD computer? #linux #women #respect

So after seeing Avengers: Endgame, I‘ve been sitting at home for 20 minutes getting down from that high.

It‘s not the best Marvel movie, but it‘s a good ending to the MCU. It mostly made sense, and it pandered to evverything I want them to.

Although now that I think of it, most native functions my interpreter calls have a single return value. Only problem would be the instruction functions I have right now that push on the stack.

Wondering whether there are portable ways (i.e without resorting to assembly) to have an interpreter actually use the stack for its stack.

Best I could come up with is using alloca() … but then native functions called would have to declare their max stack needs.

RP @brentsimmons: I learned how to do Apple events coding from Ultimate Mac Programming by @davemark! After all these years, the book is still available on Amazon. :)

Was ist eigentlich so das empfohlene UIKonf-Hotel? Wo steigt Ihr denn so ab? (gerne auch per DM)

Lovely, now Swift is giving me an error message before the first line of one of my source files, which is:

:0: error: ‘required’ initializer ‘init(arrayLiteral:)’ must be provided by subclass of ‘NSSet’

I’m not subclassing NSSet.

Any of you know sample code for making an NSTextView do custom drawing/measuring for an app-defined text style? I.e. I have a range of text “popup names: a, b, c” that I’ve styled with “ULIPopupStyle” and I could tell it “this is 200pt wide and draw a popup menu control there”.

Watching this bit from @jamesdempsey's talk on WebObjects ( and suddenly wondering what WebObjects used to render its web page?

This was before Safari and WebKit, after all ... and can't have been OmniWeb because it was from Apple.

Was this HTMLRendering.framework as used in Help Viewer? I always thought that was originally from Carbon/OS9 ?

Wasn’t aware there was an online version of the visual programming environment for the Scratch programming language available:

BTW — not sure if I‘ve made these two recommendations yet:

If you like point and click adventures, play Trüberbrook.

If you like Marvel movies or 80ies scifi, watch Captain Marvel.

‘nuff said.


For a long time I've wondered what I find so alluring and strangely human about Japanese urban scenes, and then someone tweeted it: Japan doesn't have on-street parking.


good morning. props to Java developers for having such a good sense of humour about their, quite frankly, horrifying language

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