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Ich weiss nicht, woher die Clowns der Firma „Outspot“ meine E-Mail-Adresse haben, aber selbst wenn ich einmal was bei ihnen über Amazon bestellt hätte, würde das nicht ungefragt 2 E-Mails täglich rechtfertigen. Hakt es bei denen?!

So yeah, it’s pretty much pizza dough on the inside, and outside crust is a bit too dry, but both turned out edible:

Hadn’t realized I was out of bread, so thought “I can make pizza, how hard can bread be?” … well, even 2nd try didn’t rise properly so prolly too dense, but we’ll see how it tastes once it’s cooled a little:

@uliwitness «Still don’t know what Binjpipe is? Well neither does the CEO of Jackbox Games, Mike Bilder. In an “interview” done by Binjpipe, Bilder claims that he was not “totally sure what Binjpipe [is],” and that he is not sure what it is still, despite being partnered with Binjpipe now.» 🙃

I never before realized how much of the software tools I’m used to on my Mac are Unix-only, and have no, or only unsupported Windows ports. Like Jekyll, for instance.

You hear “the Mac is really the best Linux machine” occasionally, and it’s true. The divide is often invisible.

Kenne ich irgendwen hier in München, der PCs reparieren kann? Hab die einfachen Sachen schon probiert (bootet nicht, komme nicht ins BIOS, BIOS-Reset brachte auch nix.

Oder kennt wer wen? Einen Laden?

So, for the next week or two I’ll be a PC user. Then I’ll have the privilege of paying 200 bucks to get my MacBook back.

This feels weird, but it’s probably the best time for this to happen to me.

(I’m not complaining, BTW, I don’t mind the PC nor the cost)

Song I had never heard just came up in my shuffled iTunes library.

It was from that U2 album Apple gifted to everyone ages ago XD

Is it possible to make a variadic C++ template that doesn’t rely on params? I’d like to make:

createObjects<A,B,C, ...>()
new A;
new B;
new C;
new ...

that But it can’t distinguish terminating template and variadic one.

As a kid, there was a new Titanic, Ulysses, etc. movie every couple years, so I’m not too broken up about reboots and continuations.

That said, I think studios should give it a few years before rebooting their own properties (looking at you, Spider-man).

Song of the day: Screamin’ Yah Hawkins: Little Demon. I have no idea what this song is about, but it’s a catchy scat.

Any of you know the difference between a docker image and a docker container? Most of the docs seem to treat them as synonyms, but there are separate commands for them. Which ones are “safe to delete” to recover disk space?

I have 55 minutes of “playtime” on Elite Dangerous now, just for the attempts to get past the effin’ sign-up screen.

Dear Elite: Dangerous devs: Fix your effin’ account creation/key redeem page, it just spins forever.

And your page to just create an account is very hard to find. And even then it’s cantankerous …

What do people use for system-wide keyboard shortcuts these days on macOS?

I.e. I’d need a shortcut text entry field and something that notifies me when the shortcut has been pressed, suitable for a 10.14 sandboxed app.

I used to use that PTHotkey/CocoaHotkeys3 stuff.

Right now, someone at Amazon is prolly going „Why is BioWare‘s account suddenly spinning up so many AWS instances?! Must be fraud!“ and starts a game of whack-a-mole shutting them down again.

Huh. Java just notified me that I hadn’t used it in 6 months and offered to uninstall it.
Oddly, I’ve only had this Mac for 3 months <_<

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