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Idea (probably not new): IP Poisoning.

Mark all accounts that use the same IP address as known throwaway troll accounts within, say, an hour before and after, and use that statistical info to figure out a troll's main account.

RT Porn gives young people an unrealistic and unhealthy idea of how quickly a plumber will come to your house.


RT Me: I need to learn SQL. Would you like me to teach you the whole of SQL while standing on one foot?
Me: ...yes?
Cirne: Do no DELETEs without WHERE clauses. The rest is implementation details. Now go study.


A good general guideline for human interactions on coding projects.

If this was a colleague and not a stranger on Stack Overflow, I'd probably also try to get someone on their team who knows security, to teach them.
RT Be happy that they asked. Be gentle when explaining to them that this is not how things work


If you need to build an (internal!) Swift command line tool that uses another Swift shared library, and you're getting errors about duplicate symbols or missing symbols in/from libSwiftCore, this may help:

Programmer working on a new encryption library asks how to "hide their code" from colleagues.

Not sure if I should be happy they asked, proving they thought things that far, or worry that someone not knowing that is writing security-critical code.

RT I’ve just found out that from within Mac app tests in the new Xcode 10, NSWindows cannot be made key anymore, which broke some of our tests. I guess this has to do with the new parallel testing in Xcode 10. But the limitation is there even when parallel testing is turned off.


RT to anyone who throws shade on talks not focusing on a technology...

apis are all going to be deprecated.

being human will not.


KMMXmx bitnami AWS I think you have the wrong Stacksmith there <3

Unless they're running in the simulator, of course 🤦‍♀️
RT iOS apps are always sandboxed.


That thing where some third-party code you're using puts its functions in their own section using __attribute__((section("foo"))) and you spend hours wondering why your breakpoints don't trigger on them.

Thanks for teaching me sections, John! /cc

Anyone know whether I can tell whether Sandbox is on for my iOS app? Is it even possible to turn off on iOS?

RT Erstmals Zwiebeln im Netz gekauft. Schon geil, was heute alles geht.


Error message “bundle format is ambiguous (could be app or framework)” from Xcode likely means some nit followed all symlinks in your framework when copying it.

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