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RT If you ever wanted to write your own LLDB debug views, this article shows some simple yet super useful examples. You can share them with your team and make everyone more productive.



Stream is up, grab a drink, get comfy and come by to say hi.

The Dead Space 1 replay begins today, a Hard mode run to say a very late goodbye to Visceral Games.

See you there!


Spoiler-free Dr. Who review:

The writing has empathy, but the show is also scary.

If only the creature design in the pilot wasn't a step back from previous series.

Love the cast.

Looking forward to the next season.


Tomorrow is the last day to register to vote for the midterm elections.



RT From The Desk of The Department of No Shit

If there are too many meetings to avoid working during them, reexamine your org’s meeting philosophy (number per day, duration, potential alternatives, etc).


RT Die Geschichte um die "chinesischen Spionagechips" wurde von Pentagon lanciert. hat sich das näher angesehen. Sein Befund: "kein einziges, handfestes Indiz".


OK, I think I'll get off the microblogs now to avoid Dr. Who spoilers until iTunes bestows it upon me.

Will play some Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, the bot will let you know when I'm live.

Quoth the HTTP Live Streaming spec: “MPEG-4 Fragments are specified by the ISO Base Media File Format [ISOBMFF]. Unlike regular MPEG-4 files that have a Movie Box ('moov') that contains sample tables and a Media Data Box ('mdat') containing the corresponding samples, an MPEG-4 Fragment consists of a Movie Fragment Box ('moof') containing a subset of the sample table and a Media Data Box containing those samples.”

Well done, presumably-Apple-aligned author(s) of [ISOBMFF].

OH: So, und dieser Teig kommt jetzt für eine Stunde ins Serverkammerl, weil da isses warm drin. #Nerdhausen

*none* of those pictures are of any quality that it would come even close to buying a print. Bad lighting, bad angles, passersby.

So maybe, artists: Don't worry so much how people try to remember to buy from you?

I understand the sentiment, that said …

My phone is my notebook. I take pictures of things I want to remember. Shop opening hour signs, things whose location I want to remember (GPS!).

A business card doesn't tell me what art that was, or what exact image caught my fancy.
RT Hey folks. Don't take pictures of the artwork people have for sale at cons. It's rude.


RT Aus dem Wiesn-Polizeibericht: Flucht vor Vergewaltigung, Schlägerei zwischen zwei Festgenommenen, Festnahme nach Hitlergruß.


RT i think i love it so much because it's an example of how designing for compulsory heterosexuality actually makes a game more confusing, when the argument often lodged against queer representation in games is that het representation is "simpler and easier to understand"


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