RT @Borman18@twitter.com: Ever wonder what the Stargate SG-1: The Alliance game was going to be like? I played through the first couple of missions that were implemented a few years ago: youtube.com/watch?v=KvqUUElc5K @GateWorld@twitter.com @stargatecommand@twitter.com

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RT @stroughtonsmith@twitter.com: You can literally flip preference bools on Premiere Rush to have it sprout Premiere Pro UI and panels with tiny non-touch-friendly controls; wouldn't surprise me to see something similar in Photoshop for iPad 😂 It's the real deal

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RT @stroughtonsmith@twitter.com: The new wave of Adobe iOS apps is incredibly exciting, as they're all built from the cores of their desktop apps, not some iPhone-originated mobile code. Rush is from Premiere Pro, Photoshop & Gemini from Photoshop, etc; all of these will eventually replace their desktop variants

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So my iMac just rebooted in the middle of the night and is now showing a lot of garbage pixels while slowly booting up.

This can't be good :-(

So looks like GNUstep is doing another Kickstarter: kickstarter.com/projects/20327

... sadly it goes exactly the wrong way IMO: They want to do a reference GNUstep Linux distribution, instead of a cross-platform library for existing OSes :(

RT @dyfl@twitter.com: If you missed it: today it was confirmed that Facebook massively & knowingly inflated its video-view statistics, which had the DIRECT consequence of 90% of media orgs firing writers in favor of expensive video producers, who also got fired when it turned out video was worthless twitter.com/jason_kint/status/

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RT @MacRumors@twitter.com: Apple’s Latest Mac Mini Turns Four Years Old Ahead of ‘Pro-Focused’ Refresh Expected Later This Month macrumors.com/2018/10/17/mac-m by @rsgnl@twitter.com

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RT @commanda@twitter.com: I buy chocolate bars
just to eat them in front of my daughter
when I ate all my vegetables at dinner and she didn’t.

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RT @HayleyH1018@twitter.com: If you are turned away at the polls, remember the magic words: “give me a provisional ballot with a receipt as required by law”

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RT @gchethuan@twitter.com: Every day, computers are making people easier to use.

– David Temkin

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RT @arshia__@twitter.com: I remember how betrayed I felt when I truly understood that good programming just took some practice and some focus like EVERYTHING ELSE IN THIS WORLD

and it wasn't some inherently magical skill you had to be born with and wildly passionate about

fuck gatekeepers.

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RT @dmoren@twitter.com: Great thread from Delilah, as always. Will add to this that there are also cases where—given how a deal is structured—a second or third book might not even happen because the first one doesn’t catch on. twitter.com/DelilahSDawson/sta

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RT @bdudney@twitter.com: Downloaded an Xcode 2.3 project for a command line tool. Last updated in 2012. Written in c. Clicked run, it compiled and ran, properly.

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RT @kangaroo5383@twitter.com: When people complain about the “pipeline problem” I can’t help but roll my eyes 😐

It’s more like a leaky pipe problem with big gaping holes intentionally / unintentionally pound into the side of the pipe :P

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RT @SaraJChipps@twitter.com: For a long time I thought being a lady coder was probably a lot like being a male nurse. Then, one time I met a male nurse and asked him about it and he was like, "no, everyone just thinks I'm a doctor." :sadtrombone

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