we've been having a surprisingly hard time getting docker to behave on a colleague's windows machine. the .wslconfig-file just did not seem to make any difference.

took us weeks, but today we finally noticed that windows was hiding the extension of the .wslconfig.txt -file.

don't hide important details from the users, please!

@category Had the demo in my youth, then finally found a boxed copy, and then the remaster was announced, so I waited for that to release. So I'll hopefully finally be playing it this decade😂

We finished Vampire the Masquerade: Swansong last Sunday, so this Sunday we'll be starting a new game: the Darkside Detectice: Pixel art meets X-Files meets Ironside … meet you there? twitch.tv/uliwitness

Bought 4 box-shaped shelves and just stacked them on top of my wardrobe. Now the stacks of other stuff are hidden behind, and the CDs are much more nicely presented.

The downside of buying IKEA-style shelves is that whole pile of allen keys that you have that you don't need because you have a proper set in your tool box.

I know it's silly, but whenever I take a test that's not required externally (e.g. not "can't enter the office w/o valid test"), it afterwards feels wasteful. "It didn't detect anything, that was a waste of a test". 😂 Brains are weird. Why am I not relieved? I guess it's the nagging self-doubt of "maybe you used the test wrong and it's not actually negative"?

Immer wieder überraschend wie einfach leckeres Essen manchmal zu machen ist: Reis + TK-Gemüse + Rindfleisch in den Reiskocher getan. Dann einfach Butter drüber, etwas Pfeffer + Chilliflocken, etwas Suppenpulver + Milch dass es nicht zu trocken ist.

@musicmatze Könnte mir auch vorstellen, dass das Leute mit Twitter-Following sind, die dann Mastodon wieder einschlafen lassen haben? Ich hab'n paar Freunde, denen ich hier immer noch folge, die inzwischen schon wieder zurück auf Twitter sind, oder deren Account noch von der ersten Masto-Renaissance ist. Denen unfollowe ich nicht, sie könnten ja mal wieder zurückkommen.

Are there any good books/blog posts about parsing and editing large, complex data structures without loading them into RAM? Thinking about creating a general-purpose file editor that can present a proper editing UI.

Interesting: In Germany, the comics were known as "Valerian und Veronique" back in the 80ies, but the original French editions didn't add Laureline to the title until 2007. That sorta explains the movie title, I suppose.

If you ever wondered why the 70ies Incredible Hulk TV show is so revered, this is an exhaustive but really good review: youtube.com/watch?v=4DeRzb6-8E

TIL that there were typewriters that could *remove* a letter from the paper again: youtube.com/watch?v=YE0U018Cop not just paint them over in white.

Time really has gone by fast. My "new" gaming PC will be turning 3 years old, and I've been a console owner for nearly 5 years now. These things still feel so new to me :D

@cocoasamurai @bigzaphod It uses HEVC (the video codec) inside. Maybe that will help you find something?

@cocoasamurai @bigzaphod I feel like I'm missing the inside joke here. What are you two referencing?

@krzyzanowskim I guess you could transcode to RTF and then decode again on the other side, but that's a crap situation. They should at least offer a way to assert on an NSAttributedString that isn't sendable so it can be a runtime error.

@chartier I'm glad my Roomba is an old model that doesn't do WiFi yet, but I'm worried what will happen once it dies, or I decide I need another one for a different floor or so.

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