Is there any good beginners’ motion graphics design package? I tried iMovie, but it is too rigid (can’t even overlay two titles w. effects or move animated titles to a different position).

It’s just for a hobbyist beginner, occasional use.

Is there a way to prevent Xcode’s “live issue” boxes from madly re-wrapping my text whenever I accidentally mouse over them? It’s getting really hard to click stuff. Only option I see is completely turning them off?

There’s really no ‘Lyta Alexander hissing “pain!”’ GIF out there? sadtrombone

@yerazunis Swift. And yeah, I ended up using a switch. Doesn't feel much better for something that feels like it could be generated for me.

When you call an instance method from a static method, Swift’s error message “‘ParamType’ is not convertible to ‘ReceiverType’” makes no sense, until you remember that instance methods are just regular functions with the ‘self’ pointer inserted as a hidden first parameter.

Ich will ne App, die meine Uhr eine Haltestelle bevor ich aussteigen muss zum Summen bringt.

So for Swift.Set it’s called insert(), but for Swift.Dictionary it’s called updateValue() … grumble grumble…

So for Swift.Set it’s called insert(), but for Swift.Dictionary it’s called updateValue() … grumble grumble…

So ghow do you folks map error enums (with possibly attached values) to strings? A big honkin’ if/then/else? Or is there a way that’s less work and maybe uses the tags on the values to indicate where in the format they go?

In Swift, Set’s insert() method has a return value. Had totally missed that.

Not sure I get the rationale behind Kotlin’s primary constructor. It seems like it’s like the designated initializer, but it can’t contain code? That last restriction flummoxes me. WHY?

Oooo… looks like folks can now follow those on Mastodon, and vice versa :D

You need to set up a domain’s CNAME to point at though (Was easy in the DNS tab on Dreamhost).

I don’t understand what std:: launder does. The description: seems the reverse of what I’d expect it to do.

So … we may have just released an alpha of the Swift support for our fast database library:

TIL about the “security error” Terminal command. Useful when SecXXX API returns weird results.

I still find itfunny that TARGET_OS_MAC is true for iPhones, and TARGET_OS_IPHONE for Apple TV and watch.

I’m a bit surprised though that nobody added a TARGET_OS_DESKTOP define.

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