RT @MacRumors@twitter.com: Apple’s Latest Mac Mini Turns Four Years Old Ahead of ‘Pro-Focused’ Refresh Expected Later This Month macrumors.com/2018/10/17/mac-m by @rsgnl@twitter.com

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RT @bbcpress@twitter.com: 🧛‍♂️ is coming to @BBCOne@twitter.com - from the producers of : bbc.in/2yFE4lj @MarkGatiss@twitter.com @SueVertue@twitter.com @HartswoodFilms@twitter.com

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RT @avidrissman@twitter.com: I somehow attached a sheet to two different windows simultaneously? 😦 Its position is locked onto the first window, but its visibility is connected to the second window. Go home, WindowServer, I... apparently got you drunk.

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RT @natashathenomad@twitter.com: Vegan cheese 🍕 on gluten-free dosa 😍😍😍 (@ Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café - @annapurnaswvc@twitter.com in Santa Fe, NM) swarmapp.com/c/6sUb9EEX2pW

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Huh. Pertwee looks *so* much like Peter Cushing in this.

I mean, it's obviously not Cushing, but it is more Cushing than I'm used from Pertwee. <3
RT @TalkingPicsTV@twitter.com 13:40 THE UGLY DUCKLING (1959) PREMIERE Henry Jekyll is an outsider waiting for a purpose in life, then he finds an old family formula...

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RT @iKenndac@twitter.com: I really like how well lower-level APIs are integrated with modern Swift! 🙄

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You can tell that Skype is a top priority at Microsoft. Supports all the modern file formats, and has human-readable error messages that expose none of the new UI's web technology:

RT @S0phieH@twitter.com: WHO IS A GOOD DOGGO?



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RT @skyboundgames@twitter.com: We’re SO happy to announce that we’ve reached a deal with @telltalegames@twitter.com that will allow Skybound to continue : The Final Season! Let’s wrap up Clem’s story right! More details to come soon.

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I love app names that troll people who know what "SSH" stands for 😄

RT @tomgreever@twitter.com: Wherever there is a handmade sign, there's usually a design problem

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RT @cabel@twitter.com: my reaction when someone says the new Mickey shorts are too weird and not to the spirit of the originals

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