We finished Vampire the Masquerade: Swansong last Sunday, so this Sunday we'll be starting a new game: the Darkside Detectice: Pixel art meets X-Files meets Ironside … meet you there? twitch.tv/uliwitness

Bought 4 box-shaped shelves and just stacked them on top of my wardrobe. Now the stacks of other stuff are hidden behind, and the CDs are much more nicely presented.

One of my kickstarters, whose EU shipping got waylaid by Brexit, delivered this week. Now to find the energy to learn how to play this.

I just found the floppy with some of my old MODs and the MOD player on it :D

You'd need a heuristic to detect what scroll area should be affected by the mouse, like closest scroll bar to the right of the mouse that extends to the mouse's Y coordinate. Then send the app fake mouse click events in that scroll bar's up or down arrows. That works, unless scroll areas are nested, like they are in web browsers.

In that case, you'd scroll the inner scroll area in cases where you're to the left of the inner area, but over the outer one, or scroll far away scroll areas.

Finally found a use for that glass case I rescued from the landfill years ago:

Ordered some folder clips as cable holders. Whoever came up with listing them by width instead of by how thick the item can at most be that they get clipped to ... ?! For a 20mm tabletop, you need at least the 41mm wide clips, better go with the 50mm ones.

Apple‘s Inside Macintosh explicitly used three kinds of notes. They‘ve been a go-to for me when writing documentation. Glad to see Github added formatting for some of those now.

We'll be starting a new game on stream in 45 minutes! Vampire the Masquerade: Swansong. twitch.tv/uliwitness

Is there a trick to accessing EventKit beyond setting the Calendar checkboxes in Signing & Capabilities and adding a usage description to the Info.plist? Seems like I'm crashing out (with the "allow access" sheet still up, showing my usage description) just when I create an EKEventStore().

Construction noises start in the back during a conference call:

Felt like writing some drawing code recently, so coded this little abomination :D

IMO, 90% of home automation can be solved by replacing a on/off light switch with two toggle switches and one extra wire. Here's a diagram how a plain light switch works. After that is a diagram of the two-switch setup.

I‘m so horribly out of shape. But at least I made it back home and spent some time in the fresh air.

Don‘t think I‘ll be biking to work soon though. I got tired less than halfway there, and really had to work to make it back home then. And afterwards, the distance I put behind me was less than going back, and I‘d be in no shape to work now.

We're done with Horizon: Forbidden West, so I'm taking off of streams for the rest of the week.

Next week we'll switch to our old Sunday 5pm CEST schedule (8am PDT), so next stream will be May 22nd (no stream May 15th).

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