Ich verstehe nicht, warum man Dinge ins Schaufenster stellen würde, die man nicht kaufen kann…?
Bei einer Schneiderei vielleicht, aber dann würde man DAS ja dranschreiben, oder?

Oh wow, looks like Apple has finally managed to fit a 13 inch screen into a 12 inch device! 😂

A little banged up from the transport from home to work, but otherwise these homemade burgers are delicious 😋

Anyone out there have experience building static libraries for distribution on macOS? Having a hard time getting it to not write the names of all internal functions and files into the static lib. (STATIC lib — I have a dylib working fine).

Hairdressers in Germany never disappoint with their punny shop names

Someone at the local post office seems to be having a bad day.

So tempted to photoshop a different similar-looking object into this ad XD

I hopethe next macOS release focuses on metal/windowserver fixes. This is my second screen every couple months:

Ich weiss nicht, woher die Clowns der Firma „Outspot“ meine E-Mail-Adresse haben, aber selbst wenn ich einmal was bei ihnen über Amazon bestellt hätte, würde das nicht ungefragt 2 E-Mails täglich rechtfertigen. Hakt es bei denen?!

So yeah, it’s pretty much pizza dough on the inside, and outside crust is a bit too dry, but both turned out edible:

Hadn’t realized I was out of bread, so thought “I can make pizza, how hard can bread be?” … well, even 2nd try didn’t rise properly so prolly too dense, but we’ll see how it tastes once it’s cooled a little:

Into the Spider-Verse: A new entry in the proud category of translating a movie title into German by using another English title:

myArray.forEach { foo in
if foo.ignore {return}

Do you add a comment that return only exits that one forEach iteration? What do you write?

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