Ich verstehe nicht, warum man Dinge ins Schaufenster stellen würde, die man nicht kaufen kann…?
Bei einer Schneiderei vielleicht, aber dann würde man DAS ja dranschreiben, oder?

I mean just look at this cover: It basically says everything.

Oh wow, looks like Apple has finally managed to fit a 13 inch screen into a 12 inch device! 😂

A little banged up from the transport from home to work, but otherwise these homemade burgers are delicious 😋

Anyone out there have experience building static libraries for distribution on macOS? Having a hard time getting it to not write the names of all internal functions and files into the static lib. (STATIC lib — I have a dylib working fine).

Hairdressers in Germany never disappoint with their punny shop names

Someone at the local post office seems to be having a bad day.

So tempted to photoshop a different similar-looking object into this ad XD

I hopethe next macOS release focuses on metal/windowserver fixes. This is my second screen every couple months:

Ich weiss nicht, woher die Clowns der Firma „Outspot“ meine E-Mail-Adresse haben, aber selbst wenn ich einmal was bei ihnen über Amazon bestellt hätte, würde das nicht ungefragt 2 E-Mails täglich rechtfertigen. Hakt es bei denen?!

So yeah, it’s pretty much pizza dough on the inside, and outside crust is a bit too dry, but both turned out edible:

Hadn’t realized I was out of bread, so thought “I can make pizza, how hard can bread be?” … well, even 2nd try didn’t rise properly so prolly too dense, but we’ll see how it tastes once it’s cooled a little:

Into the Spider-Verse: A new entry in the proud category of translating a movie title into German by using another English title:

myArray.forEach { foo in
if foo.ignore {return}

Do you add a comment that return only exits that one forEach iteration? What do you write?

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