My last trip to Canada, I'd cobbled together all old CAD$ bills I still had around from previous visits, and exchanged some more more money. When I bought something at the store I pulled out 4 $20 bills and you could see Elizabeth's image age across them.

The shop clerk picked up the oldest bill and went to check with her boss whether they still accept bills with a young Queen on them 😅

@uliwitness I was on a trip to Scotland and England some years ago (in that order), and late in the trip I stopped into a pub in Cambridge and paid using a Scottish £20 note. The girl took it to the back and asked her boss if they could accept "foreign" money.

@saramg I was aware that apparently some places outside Scotland can apparently refuse to accept Scottish pound notes, but "foreign" was news to me 😅

@uliwitness I mean... the Scots are working on it... I didn't think the Union would survive the '20s last week, and with Liz gone, I really don't see it now.

@saramg I'm kinda hoping that Scotland, Ireland and Wales get to split off the English.

Though given Northern Ireland's position with lots of English settlers wanting to stay English, I doubt that will work out well.

The EU seemed like the ideal solution. NI could stay English, so the English saved face, but EU guaranteed mobility for "both Irish peoples", and eventually we'd all just have been Europeans.

It was a nice dream while it lasted.

@uliwitness NI and Scotland have a good chance of joining the EU as independent nations (or NI unified with RoI), but Wales is stuck. Where goes England goes Wales, till the end of this era in human history at least.

@saramg I don't think the Welsh can be convinced of that.

One Welsh person I know heard about the Queen's death and asked "are we free now?" 😅

@uliwitness Oh sure. No love lost between the Welsh and the English, I just don't see England letting them go quite so easily as the other two. Tories will be glad to be rid of the left leaning SNP, and Ireland... well... I suspect more of the current Parliament was alive in the 80s... yeet.

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