@chucker BTW ... I saw you forked Mastonaut, too. I changed it locally for me to allow clicking on the actual "black box" to un-hide the CW box, and to also immediately show any images if you un-hide a CW.

If you're interested, I can send you the changes. I didn't make my repository public yet, as it needed to be modified to contain my team code which I don't want to make public. I think one could set things up so that's filled in based on the signing identity.

@uliwitness (I can get notifications on that account but cannot reply. Masto is… weird like that)

that fork was primarily about adding support for syncing the timeline read state, but I haven't really finished it yet. I did mostly implement the API portions, IIRC

I had the same problem with the team ID (I don’t develop nearly enough to justify a personal account), so I’d you can make it automatic, that’d be wonderful

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