Just got a phone call from "the Europol". Indian-accented, in English, in an automated message manner. Assholes.

So the German federal phone net agency can't do anything: "Unter diesen Voraussetzungen kommen (…) weitere Ermittlungen nicht in Betracht, da der Bundesnetzagentur keine sinnvoll zu ergreifenden Maßnahmen zur Verfügung stehen."

They did say that there'd be a law going in force in December though, which will force phone providers to mark fake caller ID that comes from a foreign country but pretends to be local, which should make at least THIS case detectable for me.

@uliwitness Got two of these today already, and I fear the day is not over yet.

@scy @scy Luckily it was over for me after 3 calls. No idea if me cussing them out the 2nd and 3rd time had anything to do with that, but my guess is they just try it 3 times if they don't get you right away.

@uliwitness I’ve blocked the two German mobile numbers they were using already, and will let Google Assistant answer the next call from an unknown number.

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