The Batman is on iTunes already.

I've basically hated every DC movie except for Wonder Woman (last ones I really liked were the Batman Begins trilogy, I guess). They were mostly just too testosterone-loaden for me.

How does The Batman compare?


So let me know that the first ten minutes of The Batman are available on YouTube, so that's a good test I suppose:

@ctietze I mean, it's nearly 3 hours long, a new release, and a movie ticket when last I went was 20€ as well here if you wanted OV. And this one I could view again if I wanted to. In line with DVD prices of a new release, for HD. No, for 4K even.

But still not quite convinced after watching the 10mins, and the 3min funeral scene. The voiceover at the start at least feels very emo.

@uliwitness I’ll wait until I can rent it because I likely don’t want to *own* that :)
I agree that it’s not really clear what tone they are going for. Hm

@ctietze Ah. I never rent. I either buy or wait for streaming. The only times I rented is when Apple gave me rental credits after particularly harrowing support experiences.

@uliwitness Oh why is that? I find 'renting' on Prime and Apple TV for sub 5 EUR to be a good deal to watch a movie once

@uliwitness counterpoint, oddly:

(Have not watched. Between “do we need to reboot him again” and “haven’t we had enough grimdark”, I’m not too excited.)

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