I always found it disappointing that desktop environments usually only support a single mouse pointer and a single focused window / insertion point for keyboard input.

Unixy systems might support multihead where devices could be routed to separate desktops, but I'm thinking more like

If you had a very large 4k tv hooked up two a computer with two keyboards and two mice/trackpads, and did pair programming with a colleague or a child, able to edit separate windows/tabs or the same one simultaneously.

like if i could have pair programmed with my dad when i was a kid? or together with my brother on the little games we made together?

that would have been amazeballs for learning and fun

I guess the modern equivalent is you use your separate devices but they talk to a shared multiuser editor server *shrug* close enough :D

@brion onme of my monitors allegedly supports multiple inputs - more then one computer - but that is not what you seem to be talking about. I also sometimes wish I could attach two mice or two keyboards and have two cursors separately on the same computer and monitor.

I think this would not require to many things - kernel and drivers I think would support this, they can already tell from which device the signal came (or at least I think so), so it would be higher up in the os, and in the DE, if used.


@zladuric @brion Biggest issue IMO would be supporting two simultaneous but distinguishable focus indicators. Like, you’d need to be able to have two distinct “frontmost windows”. That would require some careful UI design to not be utterly confusing.

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