Interesting. For a franchise whose characters say "everything is permitted", romances in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla are fairly restricted:

When you start a romance, it is exclusive. If you meet another romanceable NPC, you either end the current romance (which you can't resume for the rest of the game), tell them you're in a relationship (postponing the decision), or tell them you only see them as a friend (turn down that romance).


To be fair, AC romances seem to be more "quick flings" anyway. Going by what I've seen in Odyssey and now Valhalla so far, you get to have a "first date" with them, from then you can occasionally go back and kiss them or bed them (same 2 short cut scenes), they greet you differently, and that's it.

Now, I'm only 1/3rd into Valhalla, so there might be more here later. But I don't expect it has the magnitude of romances in Mass Effect, where you had several "dates" and a loyalty mission.

I'm not criticizing, just comparing different approaches. Assassin's Creed doesn't have companions in the Mass Effect sense that you take on every mission, level up and need to make loyal as a mechanic.

AC's romances are NPCs that accompany on a few specific missions, and otherwise stay in their "vendor booth". You don't see them as much, so having more superficial romances makes sense. It's just a fun way to get replayability and an extra side quest, and anoint your favorite NPC.

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