I’m slowly getting used to drinking insanely bitter tea.

Wish I’d just get used to setting a timer to take out the teabag after a few minutes instead.

@uliwitness The tannic acid in the tea (of which you are getting a stronger dose) is a natural antibacterial and may change the microbiome in your gut. Whether its a good change or a bad change is up for grabs

@uliwitness I have a different variation on that problem now. If I pour the tea immediately after making it, there’s some “dust” in it, so I have to wait a couple minutes after removing the teabag, adding an extra risk of things going wrong. 1) forgetting the water, so I have to boil again, 2) forgetting the teabag resulting in bitter tea and this afternoon 3) forgetting the tea after letting it sit for a couple minutes. So I had no tea at all 😫

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