I’ve been annoyed because every time I push the crown on my Apple Watch to get back to the home screen, Siri starts (I guess I’m holding it too long).

I found the off switch for that: You have to turn off Siri on your PHONE (the “home button opens Siri” switch in Settings).

@uliwitness I’ve found an even better off switch... I ditched my Apple Watch and went back to something that’s not whining every day about needing to be recharged. It wants more attention than my teenage daughter, I was so sick of it!

@whakkee Yeah, I'm passively looking for a dumb watch as well, but it seems nobody makes what I want: A watch with a nice, big display of the time as numbers, with a timer built in. Those are the two things I really need.

Ideally, the timer would tap or ding and not beep.

All I find are 80ies style digital watches.

@whakkee My previous watch (which I still have) was a mechanical pocket watch, so whether I put it in the charger every evening or wind it up every morning doesn't matter that much to me.

Though lacking a 3-day runtime, I don't wear the A.W. when traveling on weekends.

@uliwitness I’m also looking for a “dumb” watch. Until then, I’m using a Fitbit Charge 3, which lasts me a little more than a week per charge. Looking into automatic watches, but something I’d need to wind up would still be an improvement. I could do that easily when camping, but charging would be more complicated, as I wouldn’t have any electricity.

@uliwitness good, decent looking watches are so hard to find!

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