It would be cool if Unix had a built-in cheat sheet functionality. Like manpages, showing a refresher on common usage examples of a tool. Like

cheatsheet git

git pull # pull from tracked branch
git reset HEAD^ # undo last commit

@uliwitness Linux manpages are generally pretty poor when it comes to usage examples. It's not like that everywhere.


@leeb Would probably also work if manpages had a specially-marked section for "examples" that you could quickly get to with a flag, say

man --examples git

or the like.

@uliwitness The examples flag is a good idea. The problem is that most linux manpages in my experience don't include the 'Examples' section seen in other versions of Unix.

@leeb Well, that's a problem to solve by contributing to projects, but adding a dedicated cheatsheet command wouldn't fix that either.

@uliwitness Yes. That was my point. For some reason, linux developers seem to have an aversion to including usage examples in their manpages.

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