Also would be cool if Unix had NSAttributedString-style custom attributes that can be attached to output. So that one could e.g. mark URLs or file names and the Terminal could make them clickable, or mark “error:” or “warning:” prefixes so the Terminal can show them as icons etc.

@uliwitness Some terminal clients already do this, and it isn't a good thing in my opinion.

@leeb You can always use one that doesn't. It would just be handy to have the metadata, and to e.g. be able to command-click a file path and open its containing folder in Finder, or copy the produced error log somewhere.

@uliwitness I do. My point was that this is already a thing.

@leeb Is there a way to just print a section of a manpage? :D That'd be amazing!

@uliwitness Replying to wrong toot? The hyperlinks and icons etc. in terminals is what I was replying to.

@leeb Oh right, sorry, mixed up to simultaneous similar threads XD

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