Working on modernizing – have a separate daemon now with SMLoginItemSetEnabled() … but how do I communicate with it? Is there a way to create my own XPC service from it?

@uliwitness yes, you can create an XPC Service via a Mach name, and connect to it from your client. This works because SMLoginItemSetEnabled creates a launchd agent.

@mgorbach Where do I find out/specify the Mach name? I tried creating the service's listener with a mach name, but then -resume immediately returns, so I take it that's client-side.

@uliwitness @mgorbach IIRC you need to have your mach service name set up in the Launch{Agents,Daemons} plist file, which I’m not sure you can customize if you’re using SMLoginItemSetEnabled?

@uliwitness @mgorbach unless there’s some magic Info.plist bundle stuff I’m not aware of.

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