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Anyone remember what the __attribute__((foo)) magic was to get Clang to specify the actual name a function should have under the hood?

Like, I can define void foo() and it will actually generate the symbol "$baz::bar" in the executable, and at all call sites?

I regret making some test projects in Swift ... I haven't touched them in a few years and the current Xcode version can't even convert them to the newer Swift syntax anymore.

It will be faster to rewrite the whole thing in a stable language than fixing it yet again.

I'm always amazed how many chronically sick people are streaming on Twitch. I'm glad that such kind and clever people have a way offighting cabin fever by engaging with their viewers in chat and at least making some tips.

I hope it stays useful for them.

There's got to be other people out there who are like me.

I lived in like 5 different towns before I was 16, I consider all of these my home towns.

Anyone else have more than one Home Town?

@ashfurrow BTW -- is there something I can do to support this instance? Chip in for server cost or so?

How does a woolly mammoth like its hotdog?
With a little mastodon!

Boom! Nailed the first toot.

TIL that Sega apparently turned down the hardware that would eventually become the Nintendo 64, as well as passed on PlayStation when Sony and Nintendo broke it off.

I wonder if there are web sites that let you list currently available Mac models by thermal output (i.e. which Mac do I buy that I can use in summer without heating up the air around me even more)...

Programmers! What tricks do you use that make your code more maintainable? Thinking of things like:

“No default clauses in switch statements, so that adding a constant to an enum immediately causes all code that uses it to emit a warning so you can review it.”

“Papers, please” isn’t just a game anymore, it’s an entire game genre. The “We put you in the shoes of a surveillance employee and show you the consequences of your deeds.”-genre.

Any Sketch․app pros out there? Just remembered I recently tried to write text on the side of a cylinder … is there a way to make the text bend to the side of the can?

I guess “text on path” would work if I did every line separately? Any better way?

Shame on me: I never noticed this:
RT @housetoastonish@twitter.com One of my favourite bits of 1990s superhero costuming is Rogue's belt that isn't attached to anything whatsoever and serves no purpose other than to break up the line of the suit

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Daniel Faraday from Lost is not just Jesus on American Gods, but also on the last season of Sleepy Hollow … what happened to this nice man…

Oh, I think I found a solution for my PC/PS4 audio issue:

The screen I use with my PS4 has audio out. Connect that to my PC’s mic port via jack-to-jack cable, then set the mic to “Listen to Device” on PC. Now PS4 audio is passed through to PC.

Anyone have recommendations on how to output PS4 and PC audio to the same headset (while the headset mic should go in the PC) ?

I’m currently wearing earplugs plugged into the PS4 under my PC headset, and would like something more comfy. Software solution? Hardware mixer?

I wish Twitter filters worked on text in images as well -_-

RT @growlingsteph@twitter.com: I would LOVE to see more women in Magic R&D. Please share these links with as many women (or those those identify as women, or those who are non-binary) as possible.

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RT @OneDevloperArmy@twitter.com: If you are a new programmer I just want you to know

me and all of my colleagues with years of experience

Google the most basic things _daily_

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RT @danielpunkass@twitter.com: In this post, I offer a strategy for using advanced lldb breakpoints to identify code that is generating system console warnings. twitter.com/indiestack/status/

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