Habe mich gerade an den deutschen Fantasy-Backdoor-Pilotfilm aus den 90ern "Die Jagd nach dem Tod" erinnert (imdb.com/title/tt0276232/). Den gibt's auch nirgends, oder? Keine DVD, kein Download. ... @prosieben@twitter.com, wisst Ihr vielleicht, wie man an Euere Eigenproduktionen rankommt?

Habe mich gerade an den deutschen Fantasy-Backdoor-Pilotfilm aus den 90ern "Die Jagd nach dem Tod" erinnert (imdb.com/title/tt0276232/). Den gibt's auch nirgends, oder? Keine DVD, kein Download.

RT @Skype@twitter.com: @uliwitness@twitter.com We appreciate your feedback and have logged your request for png file types! We also encourage you to address these concerns on our UserVoice platform, here: msft.social/GxpaNC.

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RT @stroughtonsmith@twitter.com: Premiere Rush CC for iPad is a port of the Premiere Pro codebase, and it's been fascinating to dig into. With some debug options turned on, you could enable whole swaths of Premiere Pro UI. It just so happens it makes for a great iMovie for iOS competitor too twitter.com/verge/status/10518

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RT @bbcpress@twitter.com: 🧛‍♂️ is coming to @BBCOne@twitter.com - from the producers of : bbc.in/2yFE4lj @MarkGatiss@twitter.com @SueVertue@twitter.com @HartswoodFilms@twitter.com

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RT @Meluist@twitter.com: LIVE-

Stream is up, grab a drink, get comfy and come by to say hi.

The 2 replay begins. A Zealot NG+ run to say a very late goodbye to Visceral Games.

Blind run of Until Dawn begins after DS2 is finished.

See you there!


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RT @avidrissman@twitter.com: I somehow attached a sheet to two different windows simultaneously? 😦 Its position is locked onto the first window, but its visibility is connected to the second window. Go home, WindowServer, I... apparently got you drunk.

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RT @natashathenomad@twitter.com: Vegan cheese 🍕 on gluten-free dosa 😍😍😍 (@ Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Café - @annapurnaswvc@twitter.com in Santa Fe, NM) swarmapp.com/c/6sUb9EEX2pW

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RT @hessenschau@twitter.com: In Offenbach hat der "Digital Retro Park" eröffnet, ein Museum für Computergeschichte. Es gibt Computer aus den 70er Jahren, Arcade-Automaten und mehrere Generationen Spielekonsolen zu sehen. Führungen für Schulklassen sind geplant.


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Was ist eigentlich die deutsche Entsprechung zum sprichwörtlichen „rabbit hole“?

Ich kenne „vom Hölzchen aufs Stöckchen“ und „aus dem Ruder gelaufen“, aber kein Ausweichwort, das in die selbe Satzkonstruktion passt, wenn man‘s zu spät merkt. /cc @monkeydom@twitter.com @kluepfel@twitter.com

RT @adurdin@twitter.com: Right, time to fire up my pen plotter*!

(*i.e. blutack some paper to the screen and trace)

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Huh. Pertwee looks *so* much like Peter Cushing in this.

I mean, it's obviously not Cushing, but it is more Cushing than I'm used from Pertwee. <3
RT @TalkingPicsTV@twitter.com 13:40 THE UGLY DUCKLING (1959) PREMIERE Henry Jekyll is an outsider waiting for a purpose in life, then he finds an old family formula...

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The VOD for @CherieDavidson@twitter.com's gardening game, a total beginners Unity & programming tutorial, is now up:


RT @iKenndac@twitter.com: I really like how well lower-level APIs are integrated with modern Swift! 🙄

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You can tell that Skype is a top priority at Microsoft. Supports all the modern file formats, and has human-readable error messages that expose none of the new UI's web technology:

I love that this is now retro, basically a style of its own XD
RT @juergengenser@twitter.com it really takes some courage to make a site like this - adidas.com/us/yung 💯

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Doing touristy things in #Switzerland: Aareschlucht (a gorge near Meiringen), Harder Kulm (a small mountain restaurant near Interlaken), Titlis a mountain a bit over 3000m high near Engelberg).

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