Was wondering why NSTextFinder seemed so unfamiliar given I’d already done a find bar in the previous version of this app.

Went back in Git to look at the old code and found that I had just inserted my own view with a search field and prev/next buttons.

That explains it. 😂

Anyone know how I can force a Sketch export to be square?

Like, I have a 268x268 image, I export it to 32w and get 32x31 … I tried entering “32w 32h” but it removes the second value.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 is interesting. Far from perfect, but I like how they’re walking the tightrope between optimistic Star Trek and the darker content they seem to think is expected of a show today. I hope they keep making their way toward optimism.

Meluist will be doing an exceptional Sunday stream this weekend, good for those of you who are curious but don’t have time during the week: clips.twitch.tv/PowerfulFlirty

Just tried out that fun bug again where, after a restart, the MacBook forgets that the headphones are plugged in and plays audio out the speakers. I hope my colleagues don’t mind Inchtabokatables… 🤦‍♀️

I hopethe next macOS release focuses on metal/windowserver fixes. This is my second screen every couple months:

@map Zum Thema Spiele bei denen man immer komplexere Systeme basierend auf simpleren baut (wie bei Dir bei Fanboys Minecraft) könnten dich Oxygen Not Included oder Factorio interessieren.

So stacksmith.org has now been sort of restored, and a hopefully not quite as broken build can be found on the Github releases page.

Have been playing with Github Pages recently. Pretty smooth experience.

But now I’m wondering whether there are other hosters to whom I can just give a Git repository URL and they’ll check it out and auto-build and serve the Jekyll site in it. Maybe even with Git LFS support?

I had nearly forgotten the Inhumanoids animated TV show. Now it’s all coming back to me: youtube.com/watch?v=yVByjjyU7A I watched all the shows they mention, back then.

So I can’t find how to call setupterm() from Swift. It seems

import Darwin.ncurses

doesn’t make that symbol visible (it doesn’t see that function when I use it). I can generate the Swift for and the symbol is in libncurses.tbd, but I have no idea how to import it.

Ah. Forgot the call to refresh(), though that takes over the entire screen instead of just colorizing my text. So probably gonna generate control codes myself instead of using ncurses…

Anyone have success using ncurses with Swift to output colored text? I found Swift tutorials for drawing text in locations, and C tutorials for doing color, but can’t seem to successfully combine the two.

One heads-up though: Be sure to do an

apt upgrade

once you’ve installed Windows Subsystem for Linux on your Windows box. Somehow it had a bunch of outdated URLs in its package management that made installs fail.

Of course, as soon as I’d finished installing Jekyll on my Windows box, I noticed Apple had sent me an e-mail informing me my MacBook was repaired and I could pick it up. 😆

Also, Windows Subsytem for Linux basically comes from the Windows app store. You have to turn on the feature in the “Control Panel” (which is not the usual Settings app), but beyond that, it’s an app store install + restart, and you have Linux. Really nice work there, Microsoft.

Installed Windows Subsystem for Linux on my Windows PC today.

I didn’t expect it to be this small. Basically, you get bash in a Windows window (a very basic Ubuntu install) for ~300MB.

Also would be cool if Unix’s man tool could somehow be told to offer to run

toolname –help

or so when there is no manpage for a given tool. Trouble here is: How to do this in a safe way, so we don’t delete a file named “–help” when you type

man rm

or run dangerous code.

Also would be cool if Unix had NSAttributedString-style custom attributes that can be attached to output. So that one could e.g. mark URLs or file names and the Terminal could make them clickable, or mark “error:” or “warning:” prefixes so the Terminal can show them as icons etc.

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