Even if it’s for pride week, I don’t like my apps (ab)using notifications for announcements that don’t actually notify me of any events in the app.

If you're in the Glasgow area and tall could you please do something abt the fash sticker on the pole outside of the queen street side entrance of the argyle street primark, thanks, a short person #glasgow

SwiftLint is complaining about a “colon violation” XD

Ich podcaste übrigens in letzter Zeit wieder mit Freunden. Falls Ihr also ein Wenig über die WWDC hören wollt: derubercast.com/podcast/122/

So iTunes just paused my music to show me an Apple Music upsell window.

What is going on at Apple … ?

I kinda liked the idea of the metric “internet time”… I often wish people used it more.


Swift style Q: My API currently is query { expression }.results() but internally uses a builder on which query() calls build(). I want to allow setting properties on the builder a la

query { expression }.ordered(.descending).build().results()

The extra build() irks me. You too?

I wish I could sort Xcode’s error list by error type. So that if I just made a function throw and now have 5 dozen “call can throw, but is not marked with try” messages I could easily do them in one go.

You know what SwiftLint badly needs?

A chill pill and “Fix” buttons.

Given SwiftLint is such a stickler for details, I’m surprised it says “5 characters or less” and not “5 characters or fewer”.

Characters are countable, unless they’re GoT characters and have been beaten to a pulp…

Swift’s Opaque Types seem to basically be the equivalent of id⟨MYProtocol⟩ in Objective-C, right?

Someone on this morning’s podcast said “Ha-ha-ha-Hamish” and now I have the song “Tränen lügen nicht” (Maybe better known via Mark Oh’s “Tears Don’t Lie”) stuck in my head.

What can I say, it’s a catchy tune :D

Y’know, Instruments’ Time Profiler would be much less confusing if it didn’t mix seconds and milliseconds (I see 1s and go “oh those 400ms below it are larger than the 1ms”). Also if it had back and forward buttons when drilling down stack backtraces.

@uliwitness Best suggestion I've seen is for touch to register *not* on what *is* under your finger, but what *was* there, 300ms before.

Wayne Gretsky can just learn to skate to where the puck *is*.

So my “% CPU” column in Activity Monitor is empty. Anyone know how to get it back?

Anyone have other solutions than “not invented here” syndrome for malicious code in widely-used packages?

We don’t solve malicious code injected into packages by not re-using components just because s/o else wrote them.

If you have code in pull requests that you don’t know what it does, maybe we shouldn’t accept it? Maybe we shouldn’t rely on volunteers for critical infrastructure?

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