NB - Starting this Wednesday, 5 PM CET, I'll be doing retro programming streams on weekdays.

First task is to write a little HyperCard stack to help us get any code we write into version control.

The usual Sunday gaming streams will continue as normal.


I'm looking for an artist to commission to draw a caricature of a human as a cartoon bird. (Either Bojack-Horseman-style or Donald-Duck-ish) Any recommendations?

"I plug the USB cable into the port -- wait, out of character: is it USB type A or C?"
"Roll for knowledge."
*rolls two dice* "Eight."
"You recognize it as a type A connector. You'll have to roll for luck on the orientation."

like if i could have pair programmed with my dad when i was a kid? or together with my brother on the little games we made together?

that would have been amazeballs for learning and fun

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I always found it disappointing that desktop environments usually only support a single mouse pointer and a single focused window / insertion point for keyboard input.

Unixy systems might support multihead where devices could be routed to separate desktops, but I'm thinking more like

If you had a very large 4k tv hooked up two a computer with two keyboards and two mice/trackpads, and did pair programming with a colleague or a child, able to edit separate windows/tabs or the same one simultaneously.

⏰ ⏰ Reminder: The US switches to Daylight Savings Time on 14th (tomorrow!), so for people in the US, most events in Europe will be one hour later we switch on the 28th. ⏰ ⏰



Ich wusste gar nicht, das man die Höhlen von Lascaux online besichtigen kann - könnte für meinen Geschmack noch wesentlich interaktiver sein :)

Note: I've moved my streams back to Sundays 5pm CET (8am PST). I'm currently playing Sam & Max Season 2, the point-and-click adventure from the naughts.


Taking a break from streaming each morning, might slowly go back to that in a few games, it was fun, but I miss sleeping in.

BTW — I did some videos where I ramble about writing a programming language. Currently covers the basics of tokenizing, parsing, and of implementing my own bytecode interpreter VM.


(PS — the first two episodes have the cam covering app output, apologies)

Sorry for the short notice, but today's Twitch Stream is cancelled! See you tomorrow for the first stream of the week!

Still, the JPEG decoding slowness rings true. I do remember finding some image files I had converted from JPEG to (dithered!) GIF in one of my backups. That was probably exactly for the reason he mentions: That I had more apps that could open GIFs than JPEGs and that it was faster.

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Recently discovered Adrian's Digital Basement, a video series about retro computers. He revived a Macintosh Color Classic.

I had totally forgotten that JPEG decoding took this long back then, but as soon as he showed it, I recognized the JPEGView progress cursor, which I wouldn't have seen had it been faster. And the Mac I sued back then was a 68LC040 too.


lewd joke, type theory 

We have top types, bottom types and subtypes, when are we going to get domtypes?

(also where do switchtypes fit in)

If anyone out there is interested in programming language design/creation, compilers, IDE design etc. feel free to drop me a message and let me know. Looking for more people to follow on here.

I guess from googling 8V seems to be the standard current for a doorbell. Also seems what all the doorbells in online shops here seem to be, so I guess that's standardized, surprisingly.

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Is there a simple way to find out what voltage my doorbell uses if I don't have a volt-meter? Is there a usual voltage for a 50ies era ringing doorbell?

Thinking about connecting a piezo buzzer to the contacts so my doorbell doesn't sound the same as the neighbor's, or connecting a Raspberry Pi to it so my phone can know when the doorbell is rung.

RT @Dr__Levi@twitter.com

A lot of people are mentioning that Trump's bans from social media will cause more issues, but I disagree, and this comment sums it up well. While this is in response to a subreddit being taken down, it applies to Facebook and Twitter as well.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Dr__Levi/status/13

Interesting video about troubleshooting a modern 8-bit computer (the "Commander X16"), which has basically everything on it to do the cool things 8-bit computers (like Commodores or Nintendos) were able to do: youtube.com/watch?v=LU5989eVRZ

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