'Man kann ein Schiff nicht mit 15 Fahrrädern entladen & die Waren in der ganzen Stadt verteilen!'

--> Projekt in Frankreich ersetzt 150 Transporter mit 15 Fahrrädern, entlädt ein Schiff & spart so 122 T

Quelle: Twitter @ Storch_i
#Fahrrad #CO2 #Umwelt #Klima #Frankreich

DMs auf Mastodon sehen ja echt unauffällig aus. Im Web-Interface einfach nur ein kleines Symbol, dass Dir zeigt, dass es keine öffentliche Nachricht ist. Whalebird zeigt gar keinen Unterschied an.

@uliwitness I've noticed this happening on Twitch sometimes. Not sure of the reason but it is *extremely* annoying.

They did say that there'd be a law going in force in December though, which will force phone providers to mark fake caller ID that comes from a foreign country but pretends to be local, which should make at least THIS case detectable for me.

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So the German federal phone net agency can't do anything: "Unter diesen Voraussetzungen kommen (…) weitere Ermittlungen nicht in Betracht, da der Bundesnetzagentur keine sinnvoll zu ergreifenden Maßnahmen zur Verfügung stehen."

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OK, seems this is related to the app I was screenshotting (Basilisk) which apparently does something special when rendering that confuses the screenshot utility on OS X.

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What are the options right now for running a company-internal "Twitter"?

I.e. something that's trivial to self-host and integrate into a company's account system (e.g. LDAP server), and not publicly visible, but visible to everyone with an account? Bonus if it has iOS, Android and Mac apps.

Bloody hell TikTok is full of anti-patterns (unless it was a Firefox bug).

Opened a TikTok link (and paused it) before the start of a meeting. Suddenly, halfway through the meeting: LOUD MUSIC! It unpaused itself?!

Unhappy that strict typing means SwiftUI forces you to set properties depending on inheritance hierarchy:


will fail, while


works, because frame(...) returns some View, not Self.

Is there a way to get MacOS to take window screenshots at actual 2x window buffer size?

I could swear it used to, but these days it seems it uses the 1.5x display size, which is fine for me to look at, but makes for REALLY fuzzy screenshots.

eewww the cardassian prosthetics in DS9 are a HUGE trade up from whatever this gross shit was

i have deadass seen better armour design and execution at a townie anime convention

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I‘m so horribly out of shape. But at least I made it back home and spent some time in the fresh air.

Don‘t think I‘ll be biking to work soon though. I got tired less than halfway there, and really had to work to make it back home then. And afterwards, the distance I put behind me was less than going back, and I‘d be in no shape to work now.

And the winner is… Ukraine!

Congratulations to the Kalush Orchestra for their emotive winning song ‘Stefania’, which captured the hearts of Europeans tonight.

Europe stands with you tonight and always.

#Eurovision #StandWithUkraine


UK gets bonus points for not having yet another slow song.


Australia gets bonus points for that costume, love it. Looks like a bird who tried to masquerade as a human. The song itself was nothing special, but great voice.


OK, Moldova is a breath of fresh air there <3 Somewhere between Gogol Bordello's Gypsy Punk and Al Yankovic's Polka versions.

, the of the slow songs. Comeback of - modern - chansons.


Belgium is kinda nice. The song has some character that the previous few have been lacking. Though it also sounds like I've heard it before somewhere.

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