Oh yeah, any suggestions for a Mastodon instance to move to? I like drawing & art, retro programming ... anything in that direction?

Mastodon dot technology is shutting down: ashfurrow.com/blog/mastodon-te

Thanks @ashfurrow for being such a great host, and take care, totally understandable that you can't carry on right now.

Anyone have tips on migrating between instances? Last I heard there was some special care to take to move the list of people I follow over?

Enlightened self-interest is when you have problems using an OSS project, and e.g. need to collect info how to set it up, and then update their docs/Wiki with what you've learned, to make it easier for you to reproduce what you had to do the next time you try to use this project.

Anyone out there have experience teaching CLion about a custom compiler? I tried to make a YAML file for it but must be doing something wrong. I always get "no compilation commands found" from the Makefile parser.

In SwiftPM, when building C code, is there really no way to set compiler warning flags like -Wall, -Wextra and of course -Werror?

Can't use .unsafeFlags() because that requires other code depending on your package to pin you to a specific revision. Shouldn't error/warning flags be totally safe?

The difference between human and machine translation is whether "don't eat" gets translated literally to "iss nicht!" (at which every German would do a double-take) or "nicht essen", which is the construction native speakers would actually use.

I may not be happy about it, but I agree with his criticisms and that the monorail he found here doesn't suffer from them: youtube.com/watch?v=Ei6LKHNFpe

Managed to completely hose the Windows desktop. It hangs at startup now, right at the point where I should press the key to get in the BIOS.

So, lacking a USB key of sufficient size to restore the PC's Windows partition, I've switched the Manjaro Linux install to X11, which made OBS work, at the cost of my main screen having to be at 1x (it sadly uses one scale factor for all screens).

@uliwitness I was already a bit worried by the fact that there was no new boot loader at startup for selecting between Windows and Linux.

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So I tried out Manjaro Linux today. Now I can't get back into Windows. I can get in BIOS fine, but my M.2 drives don't show up in the boot order list, only the SATA or whatever SSD I installed Manjaro on. Any tips from the pros?

How to #solder wires to #PCB⁠s, without any clamps or “third hands”.


Clever method. It’s basically:

• tin the pad
• leave some solder sticking in the pad
• bring the wire to the pad with one hand and heat the wire and the pad with the other hand

The excess solder will melt almost instantaneously and connect the wire to the pad.

(via @skyr, thanks!)

C++ question:

void (*sFuncs)(void)[] = { funcA, funcB };
enum {

Is there a simple C++ way without X-macros to build the enum (or some other symbolic name for the function indexes in the array?) from the function list?

Dear TV and movie makers: Hire Kathryn Hahn for more stuff. Thanks, -- Uli.

Admittedly, my standards here are very low here, but it's a relief when you watch a movie you loved as a kid and haven't seen since then, to find out it wasn't a horrific piece of hate.

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"He wears clothes well! I don't think I could get into his pants." - "I bet I could." 😂

Happy to report that "Zorro: The Gay Blade" seems to be as good as I remember, for a movie from 1981. Yes, Ramon is played for laughs, and Diego does double-takes, and "trains" him to be more manly as Zorro, but he accepts him, even uses his chosen name after an initial slip. Only one of the collaborateurs of the bad guys calls him a "poof" once. Otherwise the movie lets him be the daring hero.

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