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I just tried the new automatic subtitle, and it's really good! I still need to correct it (and it would be nice to have a slightly better interface for that), but a lot of work gets done automatically. So my latest video has subtitles now!

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A colleague of mine has gone full conspiracy theory, she sent me some pages from a book about the Illuminati and Rothschilds. I'm thinking I should take a copy of the Illuminatus! trilogy to work, just to show her I also have a book about the Illuminati 😁

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The rumors are true! We're happy to confirm that our favorite Free Software-loving dragons are getting an animated series! This summer, get ready to discover the secrets of FLOSS Forest with "Katie & Konqi: Bug Hunters". Only on Netflix!

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It is a plan to force all providers of communication (email, chat apps etc) to be forced to automatically scan all communications and inform authorities should something that could be related to child sexual abuse be found. See

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The dutch and belgian police claim that they have hacked . Sky ECC claims they weren't, they're using 521 bit elliptic curve crypo, and maybe the police had made a fake app? I'm not sure how that would work, as it seems Sky ECC isn't just an app, but a customized phone. Anyway, interesting story that I haven't seen yet in English media.

I just found a datasheet for a potato. It's in dutch, but I'll try to translate some of the specs of the Alverstone Russet for you:
It's not very sensitive to blue. The potatotiredness Ro2/3 is very low, but Pa3 is high. Submarine-forming is 90! The peel is brown.

I've always made the implicit assumption that setting up a PC with windows preinstalled was easier than installing a fresh Linux. I'm setting up a windows box for work, and I no longer believe that. It also takes longer.
I don't even mean getting all the required programs on there. I just mean getting to the desktop screen.

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It took me 2+ years to get to this point- on and off, and parts of it definitely beyond my control.

But the MachXO2 family of FPGAs now has a full (experimental) FOSS flow from Verilog to bitstream. I'd upload video, but attachment limits. So see here:

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The Buzzer (4625 KHz) is doing interesting things currently:

You can tune in here:

You can read more about it here:

Beginner tip: start files with "`default_nettype none". This way if you mistype a net name it will be an error, instead of implicitly defining a new wire which you then have to find while debugging.

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Now that I've got a reliable toolchain setup, if you have any recommendations for learning #verilog feel free to pass them along 😇​

I'm particularly interested in learning the language, patterns (how are things like the files laid-out, how modular programming is done, etc.). I'm working directly with verilog code (as opposed to a GUI tool) so looking for good examples to learn from.

I haven't really been following Russian politics, but I just came across something amazing.
So Putin's main opposition, a guy called Navalny, got poisoned a while ago, but was lucky enough to live. Some journalists did some good research, and pretty much figured out who did it. So the opposition guy pretends to be from the Kremlin, phones up one of the operatives, and interviews the operative about the operation. And then puts it on youtube (including english subtitles)! this comic is my favorite piece of media about quantum mechanics. It explains some of the misconceptions while having a very childish sense of humor.

I just found out about; it's surprisingly addictive.

Got me a ticket! Now I just hope the event will actually continue. Hopefully I see some of you guys in August!

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