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Beginner tip: start files with "`default_nettype none". This way if you mistype a net name it will be an error, instead of implicitly defining a new wire which you then have to find while debugging.

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Now that I've got a reliable toolchain setup, if you have any recommendations for learning #verilog feel free to pass them along 😇​

I'm particularly interested in learning the language, patterns (how are things like the files laid-out, how modular programming is done, etc.). I'm working directly with verilog code (as opposed to a GUI tool) so looking for good examples to learn from.

I haven't really been following Russian politics, but I just came across something amazing.
So Putin's main opposition, a guy called Navalny, got poisoned a while ago, but was lucky enough to live. Some journalists did some good research, and pretty much figured out who did it. So the opposition guy pretends to be from the Kremlin, phones up one of the operatives, and interviews the operative about the operation. And then puts it on youtube (including english subtitles)! this comic is my favorite piece of media about quantum mechanics. It explains some of the misconceptions while having a very childish sense of humor.

I just found out about; it's surprisingly addictive.

Got me a ticket! Now I just hope the event will actually continue. Hopefully I see some of you guys in August!

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I found a youtube channel from some guy in Multan, Pakistan where he goes around and films local craftsmen. It's fascinating. I especially like the use of bare feet while wood turning.

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I just found out (through a firmware changelog) about California bill SB327 which 1. Makes default passwords basically illegal 2. Specifically states that it doesn't require manufacturers to lock down their firmware. Pretty good!

If you spend any time in b2b emails, you will probably be familiar with a green "Please consider the environment before printing this email" in signatures. Today we received an email with something like "Feel free to print this email, paper is biodegradable and employs USA workers". It will surprise no one that this email came from Texas.

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The great thing about open source is that you can fix problems yourself, I say as I go about using my perpetually broken Linux installation

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I've now found a whole book on the history of mathematical symbols, and I'm finding it more interesting than is reasonable. Small correction to the above: Hariott would have used two long lines close together, so a single modern equals sign but more stretched out

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2021 will be the year that all the people who never believed the hospitals where full of Covid cases will believe every Facebook post they see about vaccine side effects

Just watched the "CIA vs. Wikileaks" talk from RC3 ( and it reminded me of a Discordian saying: "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you"

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