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MS Excel Hate 

We have an excel document that we send to customers to help them calculate something. One customer had an issue with it not working. It turns out that a checkbox doesn't always set a cell to "TRUE" or "FALSE", if your PC is set to French it sets it to "VRAI".

The worst thing is that this was my first theory why it wouldn't work.

Does anyone have a resource about all the ways excel changes things with different regional settings?

A little while ago I heard someone trying to deride Emacs by saying it's design was "abandonware-chic". I've been thinking about this ever since, and nothing has made me want to try Emacs more.

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Glass jar label removal experiment 1: soaked in water for over a week. Interestingly each of the four jars had different results. One label slipped right off, clean without glue residue. On the opposite end of the spectrum one label required razor blade scraping, goo gone, and even an abrasive pad.
Next up, figuring some way to introduce steam as per @neauoire recommendation.

I haven't tried in a while, but I've always been able to use it as an online app in chromium (not Firefox).

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So NVIDIA "released" their kernel driver as open source.

By which they mean, they moved most of it to firmware and made the open source driver call into it. There are almost 900 functions implemented in the 34MB firmware, give or take, from what I can see.

Broadcom vibes...


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Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

Like with cocaine, the answer is chemistry! According to Wikipedia you should be able to dissolve around 20 grams into 100ml of water, that shouldn't be too hard to test.

I think I found a way
1. Select Node to be removed
2. "Break path at selected node" in the toolbar
3. There are now two nodes at that location. Delete them.
4. Select the two new endnodes
5. "Join selected endnodes with new path" in toolbar

There's no way to do this with keyboard shortcuts, and it should definitely be easier.

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The initial EMFcamp talk schedule is up! Huge range of stuff, can't wait.

@philodygmn I'm not sure what you're asking, but:
If you want it to show up on the main feed of people that follow you, just post it. All your followers should see it.
If you want to have something show up on the local timeline of a certain instance, you have to post it using an account on that instance.
If you want it to show up on the global timeline of a certain instance, make sure someone there is following you and post as normal. (I'm not 100% that someone needs to follow you first)

I was afraid this part wouldn't be available due to the chip shortage, and was expressing joy that the badge team got enough of them! AFAIK, this part can be used with a 100% open toolchain. Sorry if I was unclear.

I was hoping for a open-toolchain-compatible fpga, but I honestly didn't expect you to pull it off with the chip shortage. Well done!

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@gudenau @deshipu I'm not sure it helps with your specific question, but I figure I'll just drop this article I like about different ways to do rotations in 3d

I use Fedilab. My only complaint is that I seem to get logged out every few months.

Yeah! I got lucky today that my first guess was word 621, but it still took 65 guesses to get the right answer

I've been playing for the last few days. It's a game where you have tot guess a word, and after each guess the game tells you how close you are to the meaning of the correct word. Really a different kind of word game

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