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mastodon isn't silent and dead if you understand from the get-go that you've got to follow like a MFer and prune people back later. some of the other alt social media are .... just silent and dead

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I guess it's nice to learn that once I get it it will be good

Did you get an early one, or does the software work with other hardware than the Glasgow interface explorer? I'm still waiting for mine.

This weekend I was walking through a wooded area and I saw a wolf! I managed to get away with only a wounded knee.

Or to tell the story in a less misleading way: While looking at a wolf in the zoo I walked into a stump and hurt my knee.

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Fediverse has flaws, big flaws.

Example: basing any decentralization of the Internet on a centralized structure like DNS is problematic.

Yet, I'm going all in on the Fediverse. Here's why.

@atomicpoet Even if something better does come along in the future, activitypub is an open protocol (and "something better" would also be). You still wouldn't have to choose.

You could have a client that supports both activitypub and SIP, or a mastodon server that publishes to both activity and SIP, or some other bridging solution.

I will never not reccomend the cryptopals challenges as a course in cryptography. It expects you to already know programming, but it doesn't require a specific programming language or cryptography knowledge. I really enjoyed doing it.

I also liked Lernu for learning Esperanto.

Cool video! starts off with some very silly ideas for hard drives, but I had tot rewatch the end because I wasn't paying attention and it turns out he made a good point with all this.

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Tangential, but I think about this blog post a lot

It makes me wonder whether there is a programmable fedi client yet/already.

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I bought a second hand magnetic stirring/heating thing. I don't have any immediate chemistry to do, and the proper stir bars aren't here yet. I wanted to test it though, so I'm warming up some water and stirring with a paperclip.

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So I went to check what code #compilers generate for two naïve implementations of the following equation, which calculates a two-dimensional point given three constant two-dimensional points (vectors p₁, p₂, p₃) and a value 0≤t≤1:

C(t) = (1 - t)² p₁ + 2t (1 - t) × p₂ + t² p₃

If this looks familiar, it's one of the possible formulations of quadratic Bézier curves.

One implementation used complex numbers, the other a “struct vec2 { float x, y; }” — you won't believe what happened next.

Tim Hunkin has published another episode of The Secret life of Components! He's got a bit of an "old man pottering about" vibe, but it's all part of the charm.

Let's say that every morning I go out and get a 250 ml coffee.
We can all agree that Mondays are difficult, so I might want a 300 ml coffee on Mondays. I could negotiate with the coffee shop to sell me a bigger coffee, or I could go to a different coffee place with bigger cups on Mondays, or I could accept I can't always get what I want.

Or we could make a law that defines a liter to be 20% bigger on Mondays. That's what daylight savings looks like to me.

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Sergej Sumlenny looks at the economic shock experienced by Russian troops invading Ukraine:

In many tapped phone calls between Russian soldiers and their relatives (Russians steal UKR mobile phones, use them, SBU taps) they tell same story: how rich Ukraine is, how much they have looted, and how cool ppl lived here. Some saw asphalt and street lights for the fist time. Many Western experts and politicians loved to repeat the story of “rich Russia and poor Ukraine”. The fact is, that except of extra rich Moscow and Petersburg, Russia is an underdeveloped country, and average Ukrainian province lives much better than average Russian province. I don’t even talk about political freedoms in Ukraine like election of mayors, free press, local self-governance etc. - soldiers do not see this. Ukrainians have better roads, better lights, more money, better food, better connection with neighbour countries. This shocks Russians. They were told all the times that Ukraine is a failed state with people who work like slaves in Europe and have nothing. Now they see the reality where every gasoline station has a computer-operated coffee machine with 30 types of teas, coffee and hot chocolate, and a whisky bar.

Visiting #Russia and #Ukraine quite frequently since 2000’s I can first-hand confirm this is exactly how it looks on the ground: Moscow or Sankt Petersburg or Krasnodar are modern and well-developed cities, but if you go to smaller towns the disparity in infrastructure is often quite shocking. And these young Russian soldiers aren’t coming from Moscow, they come from distant province.

But then Sumlenny also has some macroeconomic data:

Minimum wage in Russia was $190 in 2021, while minimum wage in Ukraine was $245. An average wage in Russia was $688, while $640 in Ukraine. The latter needs to be contextualised: very high Moscow, Petersburg and oil regions salaries distorted the stats.

And this is why some people in the thread looked at median wage, which is much better approximation of what most people are earning:

Median Wage in Ukraine is $775 and in Russia it is $450.

It’s not all - the income inequality measured in Gini index in Ukraine is 26, while in Russia it’s around 40, so:

So even pure wages stats shows, that Ukrainians had more money. Add to this lower prices in Ukraine, as well as a number of Ukrainians who worked abroad and sent money home. Effectively, an average Ukrainian family in province had easily twice as higher income (PPP) as Russians.

And if you watched these “Ukrainian farmer steals a Russian tank” videos, I can guarantee Russian farmers weren’t looking at tanks: they were looking at the tractors the Ukrainians are driving. Most of them were pretty news John Deere or other modern tractors, while the farmers I know in Russian province are driving endlessly repaired Belarussian or Soviet tractors.

Therefore, when some Russian radicals are saying that “losing this war is end of Russia”, it’s kind of true. Being unable to completely conquer Ukraine is likely an end to the current extractive model of Russian economy, where millions of people are held under the minimum income level only to create a critical dependency on the state and political elites.

Yeah, debugging optimized code sucks.

I've never done this myself, but I've heard you can not optimize your own code, but you can optimize all other packages (that you are hopefully not debugging) for size.
@vertigo @yrabbit

@vertigo @yrabbit I thought for embedded profiles the debug information was split into a separate file (and not included in the binary). Otherwise this should be fixable with

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